Dream Team Virtual Assistant LLC


I have the pleasure of having Dream Team Virtual Assistant LLC as my Online Business Manager and I couldn’t have chosen better. With Roslyn in charge, Growthitude is transforming into a company with a leading edge in the digital space and I love to pitch and catch exponential growth ideas and strategies with Roslyn. I give the highest possible rating and can highly recommend using Dream Team Virtual Assistant LLC if you want to create magic in the online space.
— Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe (Growthitude)

Roslyn is truly a a jack of all trades and she really did a great job with my digital marketing and welcome her as an extension of our team. To many more chapters, campaigns and whatever it takes to build our business.
— Michael Dimopoulos (Lazy Susans Cleaning Service)

Being a new start up company we have had many hurtles to jump through. With Dream Team Virtual Assistant it has been a seamless transition. The Company name Dream Team Virtual Assistant is so appropriate. I’ve been using Dream Team Virtual Assistant for over 9 months. Words can’t express how I depend on them. First Dream Team Virtual Assistant has saved us money, time and our reputation. Being a new start up company we have had many hurtles to jump through. With Dream Team Virtual Assistant it has been a seamless transition. They are Professionals whom we have built a trusted and bonding relationship with. We are grateful for the referral our business associate has given us truly they have become a valuable asset to our company. Thank you Dream Team and the owner Roslyn Ellerbee for everything you do for our business on a daily basis.
— Essie & Calvin Powell (CRP Cleaning LLC)

Great experience with Dream Team Virtual Assistants. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a VA.
— Aaron Williams (EkoMovers.com)

My experience with Dream Team Virtual Assistant was a great eye opening experience to running my own business.

Roslyn helped make my dream a reality. She worked with me through the entire process of getting me up and running, she was very patient with me. She did an awesome job on setting up my online accounts as well as my website. To date I have 6, 5 star ratings on my website and it is constantly growing and now on the 1st page of Google. None of this would have been possible without the help of Roslyn and her expertise. Thank you for everything
— Denise Bonner (Onslow Mobile Notary)

Roslyn and her team went above and beyond the call of duty. My experience with Dream Team was an interesting one... I had no idea what to expect when I signed the contract, but Roslyn and her team went above and beyond the call of duty from beginning for to the last task performed! They are creative, professional, and worked around the clock to meet our deadline. I was really impressed and I know my company’s Brand will stand out amongst our competitors!
— Stephanie Norman (Essential Accounting & Tax Solutions)

This is a great service for busy individuals

I jumped at the chance to try out this service once I learned of it from a friend of mine. When you are working from home and doing it successfully, you have your day consumed with tasks and sometimes it can be too much for you to handle in a timely order. Dream Team Virtual Assistants has helped me get very important projects done on time. Not only does the work get outsourced but it comes back top notch quality and very good. This is a must use service for anyone running their own home business.
— Jeremy F.

How did I get things done before this? Before working with Roslyn I used to really struggle with deadlines and this is such an important part of running your own business that I knew that I had to fix this somehow. This company has not only helped me with getting myself and business more organized by focusing more on a set number of tasks instead of over loading myself but it has helped me actually improve my production overall. Now I am keeping the outsourcing firing on all cylinders everyday. The thought never occurred to me to just simply have someone else do some of my work for me; this was in part that I did not trust others to do things properly the way that I am accustomed to doing them. I must say that I am impressed with the level of attention that is paid to my projects or even tasks that I outsource to Dream Team Virtual Assistants. This service has been my little secret to my business with how I was able to ramp up my business growth. This is a extremely effective service.
— Kristine L.

This made my company seem more professional! I was in need of having my company seem more professional and not so much like a start up company in order to attract and land more clients. I missed out on some pretty big sized clients due to them opting to go with a more established company. I looked around the internet for awhile before I came across this site. Immediately I was drawn to the service that is offered for Virtual assistant. I jumped at the chance to try this out. It seems like such a small thing for a company but it has gone a long way for me. I plan to use some of the other services provided as my business needs grow. Thank you guys.
— Jason P.

I don’t really run a big online business but after learning about this business, it has helped me to outsource certain jobs so that I can focus on the more time consuming ones that I prefer to personally do myself. I used to really struggle to keep up with orders because I am pretty new at this working from home venture but I am learning as I go and I am able to do this because I have the time to focus on learning more and more about this business as I grow and Dream Team as been a big help to my learning. I really did not expect to be this busy early but thankfully it is very manageable due to my outsourcing with all these great services that Dream Team Virtual Assistants provides. I had a very particular order that I had to go back and forth with the customer about the details and how they wanted it done but I was able to fully and effectively communicate this to the person that I was outsourcing to (Roslyn). That is what hooked me in on this service. If you need some help with your company or home based business then I am telling you to not waste anymore time doing it all yourself and check this out! You wont regret it because I know I sure don’t
— Kelly C.