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Every minute 1 million people log on to Facebook or send half a million tweets.

If your brand is not part of this conversation, your leaving money on the board & opportunities go to your competition. Get on the Social Media bandwagon.

Social Media Marketing strategies are more than just posting something on your Facebook and Instagram pages. It’s about creating strategic entertaining content that reflects your brand’s voice and open channels of communication with you to your target audience, that will position you as a GAME CHANGING expert in your niche.

With Dream Team Digital Marketing we’re a team of expert marketers that’s experienced in not just managing your social media accounts but developing a social media marketing strategy that gets RESULTS!

We have social media packages to match every business, large or small customized and tailored specifically for your business.


What you can expect with your social media package

Our social media packages are customized to your business needs and requirements. We help you select which services to include in your social media package based on your budget, business needs, and business goals.

Our social media packages include:

Reputation Management 
Respond to User Comments
Inbox Management
Increase Following
Facebook Advertising Included
LinkedIn Advertising Included
Twitter Advertising Included
Competitive Analysis 
Success Reporting
Monthly Client Strategy Meeting 
Complete Done-For-You-Service
Dedicated Social Media Specialist
*Customized for your specific business needs

Facebook Posting
LinkedIn Posting
Twitter Posting
Instagram Posting
Google Plus Posting
Pinterest Posting
Social Media Strategy
Social Media Monitoring
Monitoring Mentions
Analytics &  Reporting
Audience Engagement
Manage Followers

Monitor, engage, and be transparent; these have always been the keys to success in the digital space.
— Dallas Lawrence

Social Media Management & Your Business

Business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the power of the social media world understand the essence of effective and professional social media management for their business. Currently, social media is one of the largest platforms for promoting businesses and hosting products and reaching a wider audience with content that will keep them engaged and talking about your brand or business. Social Media management is one way to keep track of your activities on the social media space, target audiences with specific content based on research on user behavior and engaging them with information where necessary. Social media management is not something to leave to an intern or just anyone because whether you do it right or wrong will determine whether your business will succeed.

As a business owner, you need to understand that there are a sufficient number of your clients across social media and with that understanding, you need to structure your brand to be well positioned online to bring visibility of your brand to those clients on social media. By hiring a social media marketing agency, you begin the process of positioning your brand strategically to reach thousands of people that are in need of your business. This way, you expand the reach of your business or brand and at the same time, you expand your profit margin from the profit that comes from having control of a wider aspect of the market.

We have been working with brands and businesses over the years, positioning their products on social media and managing their content, through well-informed research that focuses on the consumer and their needs, that explains the brand's story that drives engagement and encourages sales. We are focused on creating the best kinds of engagement for your brand on social media by implementing effective research and best practices.

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