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We Know As A Salon Owner You Take All The Risks.

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✓ Client Retention
✓ Lead Generation
✓ Being Found 1st Online
✓ An Effective Marketing Plan
✓ Reputation Management
✓ Social Media Management
✓ Website Development
✓ Staff Training on How To Promote Your Brand

We’re Here To Style & Shape Your Marketing Into Something Beautiful Online & Offline

Getting New Clients & Client Retention 

Getting new clients is something every salon wants, that's why we're here with innovative marketing tactics that bring in new clients, gains new followers on social media, and increase your website traffic that's specific to your salon.  

Client retention is the most important part of your business and we know how to keep your current customers happy, and how to fix problems that may arise before they are publicly posted.  

We teach your customers how to be raving fans and promote your business effortlessly. 


With our marketing, we will turn your RISK INTO REVENUE!


Getting Your Salon Visible

Every business and especially hair salons need to be visible because it's a highly competitive niché and needs to be on the 1st page of Google to get the most organic leads and traffic to your salon.  

Getting your business visible means we need to take an aggressive approach in your marketing so your salon will be the FIRST seen, and the MOST talked about salon in your town.  

To make your hair salon TOTALLY VISIBLE, we need to make sure that:  

1. SEO is done on a regular basis to get you on the top of search engines and KEEP you there
2. Social Media is on constant FLEEK
3. Content Marketing is strategically implemented
4. Ensure all your directory listings are optimized
5. Optimize your website for a GREAT user experience


Effective Marketing Plan 

Why? Because we're BUILDING YOUR BRAND both online and offline! To do this, you must have an effective marketing strategy in place. Our goal for your marketing plan is to remove ALL the current marketing you're doing yourself and replace it with the magic we do and effectively work with your staff on marketing your brand and keeping them motivated to promote your brand.  

We will be behind the scene and train your staff with techniques on how to retain customers as we bring in the new clients.  

Ultimately, we want your salon to be known as the BEST hair salon in town. We plan on doing this with our innovative marketing approach that includes your involving your staff and customers.  

Digital Marketing Services For Beauty Salons & Spas



Social Media Management 

97% of your clients are on social media daily! Social media is a great way to communicate with your current and potential clients, spread more brand awareness about your salon and the services offered, and create brand loyalty by showcasing what sets you apart from your competitors.

We know you don't have time to manage your business & social media. That's where we come in to create content that will get you likes and shares.


SEO is so important to any hair salons that want to be #1 in your local area and because you're in very competitive business. Your business needs to rank high on Google for you to grow your business, increase website traffic, and gain new clients. Our job is to get your salon to the top of Google.

Reputation Management  

Online reviews are more important than word of mouth these days. When your business is properly managed, your online reputation can potentially increase your revenue. We go the extra step by requesting reviews after your client leaves and replying and managing ALL your online reviews via Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp and Facebook  

Social Proof Sells 88% of people said they trust online reviews just as much as word of mouth.  

Website Development and Management For Salons & Spas

Choosing the best Website Design is a critical factor of an effective marketing and SEO strategy. That's why not only do we create beautiful sites for your salon or spa, we're here to manage them as well. Keeping them updated with new content and in-house pictures to showcase your expertise and provide social proof to your new clients. 


Here’s What One Of Our Clients Said About Working With Our Team

I really enjoy working with Dream Team Digital Marketing. They are always there to answer my questions, support my business, and help me to grow. I never have to worry about customer service because I have a TEAM. They’re more passionate about my business than I ever would have imagined, so I feel supported and like they truly care. I have Dream Team Digital Marketing to help me with social media management, landing pages, sales funnels, creating opt-ins, FB advertising, and SEO..
— Megan McAvoy-Matté

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