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We've combined a page of resources that are here to help you, your brand, market and grow your business. Being an entrepreneur we wear a lot of hats in our business and sometimes there are easier ways to get things done with better results, so we wanted to share them with you. Enjoy!  

How To Identify Your Ideal Client

How to identify your ideal client

Wondering how to identify who your ideal client is? Learn how to identify who she is, so you know how to market to her. Download today. 

The Power of the Published Author

the power of the published author

Thinking about writing a book soon? Guess what, with a book you will have doors of GROWTH opportunities opening for you. 

You are your brand

You are your Brand's Voice

Learn to speak to your tribe in your own unique brand voice. This guide will help you develop a language for your brand.

Like A Boss Audit Cover.jpg
15 Marketing Tasks for your virtual assistant

Like A Boss Audit: What's your time worth 

How much time do you spend working "IN" rather than GROWING your business? Download this fillable audit to see if you spend your time on money producing activities. 

Book Marketing made easy

Have you recently finished writing a book and need some tips on how to market your masterpiece? Download these great tips on Marketing Made Easy!


15 Marketing Tasks your new VA can do

Just hired a virtual assistant and need some ideas what they can do to drive traffic to your business. Download this guide today and pass the ideas to your virtual team. 



All about product Funnels for Coaches

Launching a new digital product and need some tips on how to step up your sales funnels? Download this cheatsheet today!

building your coaching business with giveaways

Build your Business with Giveaways

Giveaways! Giveaways! Giveaways! Are a great way to build your list! Check out this great Giveaway today by downloading. 

Coaching business makeovers

Coaching Business Makeovers

Need some tips on how to spruce up your coaching business? We have some great tips on giving your coaching business. Download today!


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