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Podcast Services is a form of digital storytelling. People have communicated through stories for centuries. Now, these are mostly digital.

The podcast world is becoming more and more popular, it has jumped by 14% in just one year and over six million Americans listen to podcasts weekly.

Having a Podcast can easily turn every content creator (podcast host) into a radio star. It is the perfect way to reach your audience when they would have otherwise been too busy to pay attention to other ways of communication.

What makes a great podcast?

  1. Professional Intro & Outro

    People love consistency and having a podcast means learning a few tricks from TV and radio shows. Let your listeners know the good things are coming by using customized jingles for beginning and endings, perfectly blended in the content.

  2. Podcast Editing

    Not even full-time radio stars or TV anchors are perfectly eloquent. We are only humans, we make mistakes, we need to start over. Yet, if you want a flawless and instrument you’ll need some professional editing.

  3. ID3 Tagging For Your Podcast

    Make sure people discover your content by adding the correct tags to it, like your name or brand, year, series, genre, etc. These are great for search engines and collectors alike.

  4. Podcast Artwork

    They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but to be honest a great piece of artwork can draw new people to your channel. We help you select or create statement pieces to grab attention.

  5. Podcast Transcription

    Some are visual learners and having notes helps them remember the information much better. Help your subscribers by offering high-quality transcriptions or turn these into blog articles.

Here at Dream Team Digital Marketing we provide the best help with the entire set-up such as, Libsyn, e-mail set-up, website integration, metadata tagging, and marketing your podcast.

It’s not enough to have great content, you need to put it out there in the right way.

Below Are Our Podcast Production Packages



 Deluxe Podcast Package + Virtual Assistance



Deluxe Podcast Package

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Editing & Transcription Podcast Package



Editing & Show Notes Podcast Package

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 Editing Only Podcast Package



One Time Setup Includes 



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Add On's 

Lead Magnet Creation

One-On-One Consulting

Mix in Intro & Outro

Intros & Outros

Custom Artwork Design

RSS Setup & Submission

Website Podcast Configuration

Managed Website Services

Virtual Assistant 


Podcast Marketing

LeadPage Design & Setup


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