What many entrepreneurs and business leaders speak about if they are giving examples of where they failed, it’s most often a people related issue.

They failed in choosing the right person and it cost them dearly.
I’ve been through a couple of startups and business partnerships.
I’ve done the mistake of not using enough time to 'date' the business partner.

I’ve spoken with many business leaders...
And I’ve spoken with many entrepreneurs these past couples of years...
And what comes up most often is how important it is to have the same vision...

You have an issue

To be aligned, to be on the same mission.
If you believe in the power of growing your company online
and your business partner thinks it digital is a buzz word that should be discussed in strategic meetings but not so often deployed,
then you have an issue and it won’t go away.

You have a problem


If you want to build a company and your business partner
wants to take things as they come and not really anticipate that much or strategize, then you have a problem you need to deal with ASAP.

Transparent communication is key. You need to find out what
drives the other person and what gives them energy, before you commit to delivering on co-creating and co-delivering what your clients want to have.

Because if you don't agree, it will suck energy out of you,
your partner and your business!!!

Here is what you need to have checked off before you sign
the dotted line on the partnership agreement:

  • Does your vision and purpose align with the vision and the purpose of your business partner?

  • Are you pulling in the same direction?

  • Do you like your business partner?

  • Are you interested in spending more time with your business partner than anyone else? You will be working a lot!

  • Are you able to reach an agreement when you disagree?

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Guest Author: Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe, Founder of Growthitude

Growthitude helps clients execute their digital business strategy by providing the tools and resources needed to excel their company with implementing of a successful business strategy, that will, in turn, engage their whole workplace with innovation.


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