What Is An Ideal Client?

The biggest mistake most businesses make is trying to please everyone. If your answer to the question “Who is your client?” is anybody or everybody, you are already in deep trouble. Not even Coca-Cola or KFC can please everyone, so as a small business owner, you should learn from this and focus.

Defining your ideal client will help you communicate better, save you a lot of marketing costs and even help you create excellent products or services. Your ideal client should be willing and able to buy your product. They should find solutions to their problems in what you offer.

The Ideal Client - Defining User Personas

Defining the ideal client gives you a great starting point and a way to evaluate if a client is worth the trouble of convincing and keeping them or if you are just wasting resources.

To define your ideal client, start with the core value of your business.

✓ What problems are you solving?

✓ Who would be interested in that kind of solutions?

✓ Are there any critical competitors?
✓ How is your business different?

✓ Is there a niche which has potential but is underserved?

✓ What are the main frustrations your clients have that you help eliminate?

Once you have answers to these questions, it’s time to get a lot more specific. If you are already in business, but missing the strategy, look at your best clients so far. Try to list their demographics and sociographic characteristics until a pattern emerges.

Try the strategy used by web or app developers to build user personas. These are distilled versions of real people which help you understand better all the motivations and actions. By creating comprehensive characters, complete with name, studies, preferences, ways of spending their free time, you are stepping away from what you think your users need and even identify new ways of serving them.

Think of how will these personas interact with your product or brand,  what influences are they paying attention to, what are the possible pain points. Be as specific as possible. If done right, each user persona will have different characteristics, motivations and will be reachable through various channels.

A Little Strategy, Big Savings

Defining the ideal client is a strategic move which will help you cut down on essential marketing expenses. It’s all about narrowing down the focus and talking to those willing to listen and to interact. By knowing who you want to attract you will be able to dedicate more resources to create an experience instead of just spamming thousands of potential clients.

Do you have questions about who your ideal client is? Download this e-book on “How To Identify Your Ideal Client,” so you can get clear on who is your ideal client, and how to market to her/him.