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10 Signs You Need a Social Media Manager

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10 Signs You Need a Social Media Manager

Social media is not just for teenagers anymore. As the Millennial generation is moving into senior positions, they expect to find relevant brands on various platforms. Most Millennials wouldn’t even trust a business which doesn’t have a website or at least some form of web presence like a Facebook or LinkedIn page. Managing the content on these pages used to be done in-house, mostly due to budget concerns, but this practice is hurting the business in the long run. Your staff should focus on their core abilities, and communication is best outsourced. Here are a few clear signs your page is outgrowing your office assistant’s potential to manage it.

1. Long working hours  

Although it seems easy, useful social media updating takes time. It would help if you had compelling graphics, persuasive copy, proper cross-linking, all under a clear strategy to grow your brand. If you find yourself or a member of your staff working an extra 10-20 hours a month, you should think about outsourcing the social media creation to a dedicated company or freelancer.

2. Not focusing on your core activities

If you are borrowing time from your primary activities just to squeeze in some time to update your social media channels you are doing something wrong. If your hour is worth more than the social media manager’s, in fact you are losing money instead of making them.

3. Missing opportunities

If your clients are contacting you through social media, but you don’t reply promptly, you are hurting your business. People expect companies to answer their inquiries almost as fast as their friends answer a hello. Try to have somebody ready to do this always during working hours and even in between or during weekends. Social media never sleeps.

4. You need to learn a lot of new things

If you don’t use a personal Facebook account but hope to manage your company’s page successfully, you are in deep trouble. Each platform has its own rules, and you need to be aware of trends, dos and don’ts. These means learning from scratch things which a social media manager does almost effortlessly.

5. You don’t know where your audience is

As a business owner you know who your target audience is, have a few profiles of ideal clients, but if you are not used to social media, you might have no idea where to find them online and how to engage with them.

6. You are not growing (organically)

With the recent algorithm changes, it is increasingly difficult to grow organically on social media. However, it is not impossible. A social media manager can create and release the type of content your audience enjoys most. This means they will share it and help you grow.

7. Not coherent in your branding and voice

Although every channel has its particularities, you as a brand need to stick to a message, a tone and a visual branding across all of them. This is easier said than done. A social media manager can help you keep your image consistent even when changing platforms.

8. You don’t have time for social media

Between meeting, suppliers, sales and more, social media can take a backseat. However, this is not how it has to be if you choose to spare a couple of dollars. We love to call it well-spent money for your peace of mind.

9. You want to grow the online channel

Maybe you are skilled in managing your pages, but you just want to scale this channel. You are ready to put some more money in the advertising budget, and you want to see ROI. Why not let professionals handle this in the best way?

10. You don’t believe in social media

It is not paradoxical to have no consideration for social media but hire a manager. You’ve heard you need it, you have zero intent to do it, but you also would hate to be left out of this trend. Why not give it a try, worry free? Schedule your FREE SOCIAL MEDIA CONSULTATION TODAY!

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Marketing Your Coaching Business With The Help of a VA


Marketing Your Coaching Business With The Help of a VA

Marketing, nowadays, means finding a niche on a usually already packed market and try to become as relevant as you can in your chosen public’s mind. Because, a faithful, satisfied public equals a successful marketing approach. This leads up to a growing business. However, there is a problem: you only can manage so much in terms of keeping your clients happy, while you battle with huge companies having client service departments, communication departments and the list can go on and on.

The Virtual Assistant

Therefore, an ace up your sleeve can be a Virtual Assistant or, simply put, a VA. What is a VA? A VA is a technical solution meant to represent you and your business in front of the customers, therefore easing up a communicational path.

You are an entrepreneur, always on the run, constantly having to deal with a lot of tasks meant to keep you business up and running. And you cannot afford to lose time. Time is the best exchange card that you have when trying to stay relevant.

How can a VA help in terms of business coaching?

Well, this assistant is like a perfectly tuned tool. A VA is like a reception desk – it takes the tedious task of directing the clients’ needs. A properly tuned VA should speed up any process of welcoming clients, arranging their needs (or issues) while being a backup tool for your online presentation card all wrapped up in a tailored marketing umbrella. A marketing VA ensures that you squeeze the best of all marketing opportunities and channels available.

Of course, you need to work closely with your Virtual Assistant in order to get the best results, tailored on your specific needs. However, your Virtual Assistant will then come up with the best solutions for your online image, will be there when you need it and, furthermore, it can become the best reliable tool when it comes to having an expert perfectly knowing your clients at your disposal. Virtual Assistant services are a great asset to your business

Remote work

And the best part is that everything happens on-line. Therefore, you save a lot of headaches: whether is blogging, e-mail marketing, web design, social media engagement or management, the Virtual Assistant helps you get the coaching business techniques towards the concerned public. Your concerned public. And it helps you saving time, letting you concentrate on what is really important: how to keep your clients happy and your business growing. Because, at the end of the day, a business coach enjoys working with people and helping them reach their goals, therefore repetitive marketing tasks need a proper instrument tailored to your specific vision and values so you can always rely on your online business card while ensuring clients’ happiness, hire a virtual assistant.






No phenomenon has transformed the world as much as the internet. Its effects and applications touch nearly every sphere of our livelihood; most especially in the buying and selling of goods and services. Today there are more businesses online than there are offline leading to fierce competition for customers and market shares alike. For any company offering products or service online; there has never been a better time to develop a high-converting digital sales funnel. 


Perfect digital sales funnels can mean the difference between businesses who can convert their site visitors into buyers immediately and those earning zero revenue.  However, just like every good thing, the perfect sales funnel is not so easy to develop. All the stages need to be adequately tested, constantly modified and carefully monitored to ensure consistent client conversions; but trust me; the effort is always worth it. Developing the perfect sales funnel has afforded me the opportunity to take many businesses from 0$ to 6 figures in a matter of months. They also played a massive role in bringing my virtual assistant consultant agency to where it is now.

There is no overestimating the importance of sales funnels, especially when it comes to accelerating business growth, and as a business owner, it is essential that you invest the time to build, perfect, test and fully enhance your sales funnel. Below is everything you need to learn about the various stages involved in setting up an ideal sales funnel, and how to utilize it to grow your business.


Creating Awareness

The first step is to create awareness by increasing your brand’s visibility. Regardless of the stage your business in, when using a new advertising platform, your focus should be on letting your potential clients know that you exist.  Do not focus entirely on outright sales; the goal is to introduce your business and excite your audience with a captivating video or image. Make it as personal as possible, and let them remember your brand; state your brand name as well as your mission, and then tell them what they can benefit from you. 

Thanks to Facebook, it is now easy to reach up to 10,000 people with just 5 dollars in advertising  fees. 



The next step in setting up the perfect sales funnel is to educate your potential clients properly. Tell them what makes you different from others and why they should patronize you and not your competitors. Any competitive advantage you have must be exposed here. Perhaps your business has won awards, maybe you have some big shot clients, or your products are stocked in some of the big-name retailers in the market.  The key is to point out distinguishing factors why they should deal with your business preferably via video, then direct them to your blog or any educating article. Grab their attention, over deliver,  and leave them wanting more; this will spark their interest and make it super easy for them to remember you; which is vital for the third stage.


They say the third time is the charm.


 At this stage, your clients are familiar with you and have a sense of what makes you unique. Chances are they still have one or two concerns they wish you could address; this is the time to impress them a third time and address their fears via display ads on facebook, youtube, email or Google. Let them know you care about their questions and ask for constructive feedback on improvements they would love to see in your business. Actively interact with your potential customers on social media platforms, answer and let them know you are there to alleviate their concerns.

Recognize questions that come up time after time and strategically deal with them. I remember when my company was just starting out, I noticed potential clients were repeating a particular question: 

“How long will it take to get my funnels in play so that I see the results in my business?”

It was easy to see that this was a critical concern for potential clients; so I created a Sales Funnel Planner ebook that sufficiently addressed that issue and at the end opened the door for feedback. It worked like magic; the next week, we got so many calls and emails that we had to hire an additional customer care rep. With just that one move I gained more trust from clients and showed them I cared, and this made it easy to move to the last stage. 




Finally the ultimate stage! 

After successfully following the steps above, your audience should be aware of your business, adequately informed on what makes you different, and have interacted with you to some extent. Now is the time to ask something from them since you delivered value and have earned their trust. At this stage, you should use strong calls to action in ads and emails;  include incentives in your offer, such as a discount code if they ‘”buy within 24 hours” or a free webinar if they “Book a Call Now.” Sample different incentives and see what works best with your audience.

Remember that the sales conversion funnel is a continuously changing cycle, and you must keep working on your methods. The methods you use today may not work so well tomorrow. Never stop learning and never stop seeking to improve your customer experience.