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Every Savvy Real Estate Professional MUST Have A Personal Website


Every Savvy Real Estate Professional MUST Have A Personal Website

In this advanced world, it's essential to have an online presence as a savvy real estate professional. Most homebuyers found the home they purchased on the internet, the internet has made it easy to get whatever you want nowadays. Agents without a website risk missing out on new leads and expanding their business and income.

As a professional real estate agent having a single page profile or a single listing under the umbrella of the real estate firm you work for isn't enough to be successful and places you at a disadvantage especially for the independent agents because new clients see only the organization site which is the umbrella brand, not you. Also, you are not in control of any new leads, and this puts you in competition with other agents working for the firm.

Owning your own website is a necessity as a real estate agent because it is a crucial tool in marketing your brand. It can help agents increase brand awareness and gain new leads also through referrals people will want to do business personally with them.

If an agent decides to leave the real estate firm they work for, the stress of starting afresh to get an online presence and marketing their own brand would have been taken care of already, this also means no matter where you decide to fix yourself or any organization you decide to work for, your website is for you and stays with you, and your leads stay with you too.

Below are a few guides to help you with getting your personal brand online

Making Your Personal Website a Primary Objective

A website should be seen as a means of getting traffic from other online presence and social media platforms to one place. It should serve as the primary online presence for any agent. 

Having a personal website as an agent differentiate you from colleagues and competitors, it gives you control of your business as a realtor and power of creating your own online brand. 

This is important as most home buyers and sellers want to work with someone they can get access to easily and personally. Buyers and sellers are likely to get a real estate agent and referrals by researching them online. Building a strong credibility and having more potential clients depends on a good online presence as a realtor.

Provide Information and Resources

A personal website is a good place for agents to give information and provide relevant resources. As an agent, you should provide information beyond you and what you have to offer but also focus on giving information and articles that can help guide clients through the process of getting a new home or selling one. Provide information that builds a relationship of trust. Don't just sell them on "realtor stuff." 

A good website should have resources like a mortgage calculator, FAQs, virtual tours, maps, community resources, current listings, home buyer's checklist, and access to MLS listings. All this will attract new clients to an agent website and retain the old clients you have and also add value to the site.

Make Good Use of Analytics Reports

Agents who own their websites have access to analytics report and essential information like how visitors reach their websites, keywords used in searches, pages visited, and what content drives the most traffic. All this information which they most likely wouldn't have access to on a brokerage website.

Agents can use this information to know what their visitors want and how they react to different content on your website, thereby making changes to their website content according to the analytic report. For example, if getting a home with a garden is trending and attracts more visitors to the site, then agents can use this information to publish more content on this topic and engage in more activities related to this to drive more traffic to the website.

Owning your website should be a primary objective as an agent. However, it can require a lot of work and your time to maintain one which some agents might not have. Luckily there are other, less expensive and stress-free alternatives agents can use in place of a website.

The social media platform is one of those alternatives. Setting up a Facebook page and doing a Facebook boost on your page to people around your city, having a facebook page cost nothing and a boost cost so little. Sending messages through the Facebook messenger as most businesses do and active messenger bots on the platform answering clients questions every hour, thereby reducing an agent's workload remarkably.

In summary, any real estate agent who has a personal website or active social media accounts is usually more successful. This gives them control over creating their online brand and marketing themselves more successfully, thus building trust with clients and their leads.




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