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Why Your Coaching Business Needs an Affiliate Program


Why Your Coaching Business Needs an Affiliate Program

You can only do so much by yourself. The role of an affiliate program is to send more leads to your website or program without you having to put in additional work. This type of marketing is based on the idea of complementary or similar products and recommendations. It’s what Amazon is doing with the “people who bought this also bought this”.

As a coach, you help people break barriers, achieve their dreams and overcome obstacles. Most people don’t suffer from only one inability, and most likely it’s not within your reach to solve their every problem. That is why you can join forces with others to provide a 360 degrees solution within a group of specialists.

Affiliate Marketing Example

Let’s take Sue, a 39-year old mom of 2, recently divorced and unhappy with her corporate job. Sue has developed a sweet tooth, let’s not call it an addiction and doesn’t look like the cheerleader she used to be in college. Also, she feels useless in her professional life because she only makes the same weekly sales reports, while her real dream is to sell hand-made wedding invitations, beautifully decorated with hand calligraphy. Sue can use some help from different specialists: a coach, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a business advisor, a lawyer and even a tutor for her kids.

As a coach, you could inspire Sue to get in control of her life and start doing the things she loves to get herself back. However, it would be dangerous to give her nutritional or exercise advice, although you are sure that it would change her appearance, her mood, and overall motivation.

In this case, you need to get into a network of diverse specialists and cross-reference each other.

The benefits of being part of an affiliate program

This is a business model that has many advantages because you transfer some of the marketing tasks to your partners. Another good news is that you only pay a success fee, you don’t waste any money on leads that don’t turn into clients as you do with online marketing.

The best thing about affiliate programs is that they are fully scalable. You can attract as many partners as you want, there is no upper limit to growing your network.

The cons of affiliate marketing

So far it seems like affiliate programs are the Holy Grail of growing your business. However, it would help if you were careful with some aspects. The first one is selecting your partners carefully. Pick only high-quality people, just as yourself, because you will put your word for them and conversely. Even if it is tempting to get as many partners as possible, try limiting the offers to avoid spamming your list. You want to provide additional value, not to become annoying.

Also, keep in mind that every new partner on your list means additional work from you to promote their products, so make sure you are getting a right balance.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

To get the best results for your affiliate program is to make affiliate marketing for beginners an easy process if they’re not familiar with the whole process.

The best affiliate programs offer done for you content to share with your audience that will include affiliate marketing examples listed below:

  • Done for you social media posts & images

  • Emails

  • Tweets

  • Blog post

  • Training & support

Check out our Affiliate Program to get you more information on the structure of the program and how beneficial it is to the right candidate.

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Sales Funnels & Why You Need Them For Your Brand


Sales Funnels & Why You Need Them For Your Brand

Sales funnel template for your business presentation Sales funnel template for your business presentation

Sales funnels - you've heard of them, probably even click a few yourself and in the best case, you were convinced to buy. Take a moment and think about the last sales funnel you have visited. What made you buy that time? Probably it has to do with the confidence and trust inspired by the company because the role of a sales funnel is to turn a cold lead into a warm one.

As a coach, you need a sales to funnel because the process of acquiring a client is a long one and you have to earn their trust step by step. Of course, you can create your own sales funnel, but as we are about to explain this is a lengthy and time-consuming process especially in the beginning.

Create Awareness

The first one is awareness. You need to get your name out there and make people know about you and your business. Since this is a matter of trust, you must offer a great deal of free content which is useful to your ideal client

This is the most time consuming and the less financially effective step evening of the whole process. Unfortunately, without quality content, it's impossible to get noticed by the ideal clients.

You must talk about the pain points and problems your client is most likely to have and offer some guidance regarding possible solutions. The inside you give should be enough to position yourself as a specialist, without providing the exact steps but only an overview.

At this point, be sure to create varied types of content including blog posts, video, social media, and even podcasts.

If you know your proposition and values by heart, the best idea is to outsource the creation of this type of content to give you more time to focus on existing clients and your core product.

Create Your Lead Magnet

A special kind of content you need in your sales funnel is the lead magnet. This is a gift from you to your ideal client to help them get closer to solving the problem.

However, there is a trick. In this document, you will get as close as possible to solve the main issue without giving the whole solution. What was on quick wins and attractive graphical presentation. The best lead magnets include checklists, infographics, cheat sheets, how-to’s, ebooks, organizers, and more.

A great lead magnet has some high-quality information but also looks stunning. Designing this sort of document is very time consuming, and you might not have the necessary abilities, software or patience to create it yourself. Outsourcing this step can save you valuable hours for research or client time.

Sell your products

As your prospect starts to get to know you and to trust you more, it is time to reach for the wallets. The best advice, push to start gradually with a low-end product/service and then work your way towards your core product (high ticket item).

People are more likely to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on training programs after they invested $20 of $50 on a product which surpassed their expectations, and they have trust in you.


Are you ready to focus on creating killer training programs without worrying about the daily grinding? Download this guide: All About Product Funnels for Coaches



Why Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Success Coaches Need To Write A Book


Why Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Success Coaches Need To Write A Book

Why Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Success Coaches Need To Write A Book

As the saying goes, every person should write a book, build a house, raise a child or at least plant a tree. These are tools to leave a legacy and ways to grow beyond your comfort zone. As a coach, you are a natural born leader, someone others look up to, someone who has knowledge that should be shared with the world even when you are not there to lecture it yourself.

Of course, there are other more pragmatic reasons to write a book, which we will discuss shortly.

Organize your thoughts

Writing a book requires putting all your ducks in a row and your thinking in order. This process will make you pay more attention to what is important, how ideas connect to each other and which are the best exercises that have yielded real results over the years.

You can do this process in different ways which fit your working style: post-it notes, Evernote, organizing the information into folders or putting every idea on a big cork wall, like in detective stories. The most important thing is to get, in the end, something similar to a content table.

Establish as an authority

It is nice to be recognized and recommended by word of mouth in your business, yet it’s a whole other level to be a published author. Including this in your marketing strategy takes you from average to guru level fast. Even if nowadays it’s a lot easier to publish a book, you can basically just take care of the content and outsource everything else, the printed word still holds an aura of authority.

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot more invites to have seminars, talks, media appearances after you launch your volume. Also, since you will be a lot busier, consider raising your prices.

Create passive income streams

Even if you sell your book for just a few dollars, once it’s out there it’s another source of money flowing to you. Not only your book can bring more cash, but you can create additional merchandise around it such as notebooks, cups, t-shirts and more including the best quotes or illustrations. Your fans will be happy to have them and act as ambassadors of your brand.

Uncover new ideas

The process of writing a book is challenging, and most likely it will get your creative juices flowing. Most likely, you will end up with more thought that you need to put in a single book. Don’t let these go to waste. Write them down and turn them into other types of valuable content. Think about blog posts, teasers, freebies to attract new subscribers.

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Virtual Assistants Are Inevitable If You're A Business Coach Part 1


Virtual Assistants Are Inevitable If You're A Business Coach Part 1