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Your book didn't hit best-seller because your sales funnel was fantasy fiction!


Your book didn't hit best-seller because your sales funnel was fantasy fiction!

Is Your Sales Funnel Is In The Genre of Fiction?


You have big dreams for your life to be known as a well known or “best selling author” or perhaps entrepreneur and best selling author of……. But honeyyyyyy it’s been over a year now and you're NOT seeing your dreams manifest in your bank account from this book!

Reason being, your best-selling book’s sales funnel is in the genre of fiction!

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Short Story

Whether you went to a big publishing company like Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, Inc,  The Hachette Book Group or self-published through CreateSpace, one for sure fact is: YOU NEED SALES FUNNELS setup for your book. What the big named publishing companies didn't tell you is.... YOU do ALL the marketing for your book. 


Here are some must-haves for setting up the sales funnel for your book:

Leadpages - when it comes to building opt-in and landing pages, LeadPages is by far one of the most POWERFUL sales funnel tools on the market.

ActiveCampaign - an add-on to ActiveCampaign, ActiveCampaign gives you added control over your list management by automatically removing unsubscribes, moving subscribers from one list to another based on the link they click (your buy now), and other useful automation. 

PayPal - is the simplest of all payment processors, PayPal allows you to take payments online, in person, invoice or by your website. It will also act as a simple shopping cart, and to add buy now buttons on your landing pages.

Follow-up Sequence -  Prior to you spending structuring that opt-in page, be sure you have a back-end to advertise or promote, or your potential customers you so carefully collected will end up costing you money instead of making it back and manifesting your bank account.

Fantasy Fiction

I recommend you start small and most importantly set a budget and stick to it. Build the funnel framework as manageable as you can. You can use tools that don’t cost a huge amount to start, but as you see more growth with your funnel you may want to take in consideration of upgrading to more powerful tools. 

Once you have a few funnels up and running accurately, you will be able to see where they can use enhancement, and how the tips above can help make your book’s sales funnels convert higher and work more effectively for you. 

In Conclusion, setting up your book’s sales funnels will move your funnel from the fiction genre to nonfiction faster then you can become the best selling author. 

Need help setting up your sales funnel? Check out our step by step workbook that will walk you through the entire process of marketing your book. Check it out here. We offer 1:1 workshops and business growth products. Check them out on our shop page.

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