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Thinking About Startup Success? Here is how to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2019


Thinking About Startup Success? Here is how to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2019

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The ideas of business owners using virtual assistants have gained lots of popularity in recent years. But hiring them might be one problem some business owners have. VA’s to some people is a lot of money. They begin to wonder why it’s always easy for some organizations to have good service delivery despite the fact that they have low staff population. This is a great job in the business industry and for you to be successful in the business world; you need a VA with skills, certification and ability to deliver, especially in the startup phase of your business.

Here are some of the advantages and challenges you might come across when hiring a VA:

Determine how a virtual assistant will suit your business needs.

First you need to figure out if your business will need a virtual assistant and the aspect where it is needed the most, and how they would benefit you. Don’t just assume that every aspect of your business can be run by a VA, because it can’t. To save cost and improve efficiency , write down your day to day duties and segregate the ones only you can do, such as writing content and write a list that someone else can do. The list that someone else can do is what you hire a VA for.

Understand the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer from an agency.

Hiring from an agency is very beneficial due to the fact that you have the agency behind you. If you hire a freelancer you may run into the problem of them taking on too many projects/clients at once and not being able to deliver as promised, down time, and not being experienced enough. Hiring a virtual assistant from an agency you will have a dedicated VA just for you. One might think that it’s more expensive to hire from an agency but the fact is, it’s not. If you decide to hire an agency VA, at the long-run you will discover that he spends more time on your work and you learn to save more as time goes on.

Do prep work to create a great job listing.

Make sure that you write a professional job listing when looking to hire a personal VA. Remember to add a call-to-action to your writing. This is needed because after you have posted it, someone who fully reads your listing will reply and not the wrong person. This allows you to find the best hand despite the fact you won’t be employing all.

Hiring the assistant.

Some freelance sites like Guru or allow you to bid for a VA. During this process, you sort out individuals who have spent so much time reading your listing. You can decide to respond to them by mail, video call or phone call. However working with a direct VA agency like [Dream Team Virtual Assistants]4, we do all the hiring for you. All you have to do is schedule a complimentary Business Success Session, to find out your needs and the agency then finds the perfect VA for you. We know your time is limited so no need to go back and forth with emails yourself, hire an agency to do it for you.

Managing the assistant.

To manage a VA might sometime be hectic but if you are the type that has the patience to arrange your daily schedule in a way that it will be easier to understand by the VA, in no time the virtual assistant will blend to your office work and it will be easier for both you to work together. Sharing your Google Drive might be necessary to allow your VA to have access your folders and use your passwords. You should be able to trust your VA to keep working while you are away, remember that’s why you hired them.

Always try to find enough time to meet your VA throughout the week. This is to enable you to build a cordial and lasting relationship.

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