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How to Win at Facebook in the Era of Paid Advertising


How to Win at Facebook in the Era of Paid Advertising

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Organic is dead! You might have noticed that activity on your pages has decreased, people are interacting less with your posts, although you are not making any mistakes or creating unattractive content. This is not your fault. Social media platforms are continually tinkering with the algorithms to make the newsfeed more exciting and to increase their revenue streams. They are a business, not a charity.  

What can you do in this landscape without breaking the bank on paid advertising? We are going to be honest with you right from the start and tell you that you’ll have to invest some budget in advertising, but it is all about making the most out of your dollar.  Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

  1. Define user personas. Use insights from your website’s or FB page analytics to identify clusters of users based on behavior, preferences, demographics. Design targeted ads for each group.

  2. Maximize efficiency. Only show your ads to those who might be interested. Use the Facebook ads settings to narrow down your target and limit the ads showing to 4-5 to avoid annoyance.

  3. Start expanding from the insight out. First, target your page’s fans and give them incentives to become brand ambassadors.

  4. Get in the conversation. Don’t just create an ad, always include a call to action button and a “Send Message” option to show that you are available to answer their questions.

  5. Learn from the best. Use the inbuilt feature of “pages to watch” and compare your page to those of direct competitors and best in class.  Analyze the type of content they are using to get the best results and mimic that staying true to your brand.

  6. Include video in your strategy. All platforms are now prioritizing video content as it gets more engagement and is a great medium to embed commercial ads. The ideal length is under 2 minutes or even less, and the content focuses on delivering actual value. Be sure to embed the video on the platform, not just share a link to a video hosted externally (like on YouTube or Vimeo).

  7. Keep it short and simple. The KISS principle applies best on social media. People have a very short attention span on Facebook, and they are not likely to spend their time reading lengthy posts, because there is so much more to see. Pack a punch with a 1-liner.

  8. Create your tribe. Buying is all about trust. To convert people from followers to clients you need to grow the relationship and create groups where you discuss their problems and how your product could offer a solution, not the only one.

  9. Test, test, test. There is no magic formula on what works best on social media, and you can’t just use cats everywhere. Design multiple variants of the same campaign and measure which one performs best.

  10. Freebies. Design a killer lead magnet like a cheat sheet, e-book or calendar and collect data for remarketing.

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5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing


5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing

5 Reasons Your Business Needs Social Media Marketing 


Social media is defiantly our daily dose of news, entertainment, laughs, and most importantly a way to keep up with family and friends. We can’t escape the fact that social media is increasingly present in our daily lives, seeking a place of our own and offering solutions that are not so accessible other ways. Used by all ages - from children to the elderly -social networks bring information to users faster than any newspaper, the news station, or radio. 

For many business owners, this scenario is no different. The social media has become a channel of communication with the customer. As a business, we need to be where our customers are and then show the products and services you offer and your audience can interact, follow, like and share easily.  
But what’s the real importance of your business having a page on Facebook, Google+ or a Twitter account? The answer is simple: Because that's where your customers are! 

Side Note: Keep in mind the object is to funnel them off of social media and land them on a platform you own i.e. your website. 

Before the internet existed, we only saw advertisements and ads on radios, TV's, newspapers and magazines. But they were - and still are - static advertisements that do not interact with your audience as well as social media. Today the interaction with the public has become much more accessible and dynamic, being possible to showcase products for specific audiences, in multiple languages, and in ways of engaging them. 

Having business pages on social networks don’t simply serve as a social showcase where products and services are featured and nothing else happens. They also serve as a reference for consumers to know whether or not they will use your service.

Before leaving home or going to places such as restaurants, hotels, pet shops, hairdressers and bars, many people search online. It has also become common to search for information such as the address, phone, and website, within the company's social media page, because it is more convenient for the user who is already in the social network to search there.

Social media marketing also comes with more benefits for your business, some of which include:

1. Bringing Customers and Companies Together
This is one of the main advantages of social media marketing. With more and more people connected everywhere in the world, interacting with customers become very necessary. It’s an absolute must! Remember if you’re not interacting, posting, and helping them solve a problem, your competitor is!

Giving a voice to followers and listening to their opinions, criticisms, and suggestions, tightens the link between the two ends of the market, which is extremely important for any type of business, from the neighborhood store to the largest companies in the world. 

2. Quality Website Traffic
With all the social networks out here, one thing for sure is it makes your business more accessible to a larger number of people every day. In business, it’s good to be where your audience is, and make it easy for them to find your website.

Another important fact is that not only do you get quality website traffic from social media but you can be found much quicker by search engines when your customers are looking for your business or services using your business keywords. 

3. Building Authority
A good strategy to be seen as an authority in the area of your business is to produce relevant content for social networks that resonates with your audience.

One of the best social media platforms for producing informative and promotional materials is Facebook. This is because of Facebook being the largest social network in the world that allows several media formats: videos, texts, images, live and gifs.

Facebook Statistic: There are 1.74 billion mobile active users (Mobile Facebook MAU) for December 2016 which is an increase of 21% year-over-year (Source: Facebook as of 02/01/17)

Ideally, you’d want to switch it up a bit by the content you post and evaluate how your audience's like it. For example, you normally post images on social media and you get around 500 likes, 25 shares. Then you post a funny video with staff in it, or highlighting a service and then that video gets 2K likes and 600 shares. Now you know what your audience likes. Even if your followers interact more with videos, be sure to post pictures and texts to avoid becoming boring, and this ensures your company dominates the subject of your area and you build brand authority.

4. Easily Promote Campaigns  
In addition to publishing content for free, you can reach a much larger audience by using social media advertising tools. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and LinkedIn all have the option of paid advertisements. 

With the advancements in terms of sponsored postings, our businesses are able to directly target who we want to see our ad, which increases the likelihood of making sales. A well-crafted campaign in a matter of minutes can create a great deal of involvement from your customers and other users. One of my favorites is the Facebook boost option. In 3 minutes you can boost a blog, product, promote your website and much more to drive sales, likes or traffic to your website depending on your desired outcome you’re looking for.

Some business forgets that page views, likes on posts and shares are all metrics that need to be routinely analyzed to measure the engagement level of your audience and knowing your numbers helps you to build a strong social media strategy when using paid social media advertisement. 


5. Audience engagement
Social media is a powerful channel for digital marketing; this is due to the ease in which you can search for a business, product, location, or public figure and get the information you’re looking for. You can easily engage with them, answer questions and showcase your business.
In spite of the fact it's extremely important to enter the world of social media and be where your customers are, capture, retain customers, interact with your customers and increase your sales, This endeavor is sometimes more complex than it seems. When looking for a company to manage your social media sometimes it's hard and you don't know where to find the top social media management companies. 

As you search for SMM for your company, start with the top 10 social media companies and narrow it down from there. Just remember that you can hire the best digital marketing agency to manage your social media by Clicking Here to get started.