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How to Win at Facebook in the Era of Paid Advertising


How to Win at Facebook in the Era of Paid Advertising

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Organic is dead! You might have noticed that activity on your pages has decreased, people are interacting less with your posts, although you are not making any mistakes or creating unattractive content. This is not your fault. Social media platforms are continually tinkering with the algorithms to make the newsfeed more exciting and to increase their revenue streams. They are a business, not a charity.  

What can you do in this landscape without breaking the bank on paid advertising? We are going to be honest with you right from the start and tell you that you’ll have to invest some budget in advertising, but it is all about making the most out of your dollar.  Here are a few ideas on how to do that.

  1. Define user personas. Use insights from your website’s or FB page analytics to identify clusters of users based on behavior, preferences, demographics. Design targeted ads for each group.

  2. Maximize efficiency. Only show your ads to those who might be interested. Use the Facebook ads settings to narrow down your target and limit the ads showing to 4-5 to avoid annoyance.

  3. Start expanding from the insight out. First, target your page’s fans and give them incentives to become brand ambassadors.

  4. Get in the conversation. Don’t just create an ad, always include a call to action button and a “Send Message” option to show that you are available to answer their questions.

  5. Learn from the best. Use the inbuilt feature of “pages to watch” and compare your page to those of direct competitors and best in class.  Analyze the type of content they are using to get the best results and mimic that staying true to your brand.

  6. Include video in your strategy. All platforms are now prioritizing video content as it gets more engagement and is a great medium to embed commercial ads. The ideal length is under 2 minutes or even less, and the content focuses on delivering actual value. Be sure to embed the video on the platform, not just share a link to a video hosted externally (like on YouTube or Vimeo).

  7. Keep it short and simple. The KISS principle applies best on social media. People have a very short attention span on Facebook, and they are not likely to spend their time reading lengthy posts, because there is so much more to see. Pack a punch with a 1-liner.

  8. Create your tribe. Buying is all about trust. To convert people from followers to clients you need to grow the relationship and create groups where you discuss their problems and how your product could offer a solution, not the only one.

  9. Test, test, test. There is no magic formula on what works best on social media, and you can’t just use cats everywhere. Design multiple variants of the same campaign and measure which one performs best.

  10. Freebies. Design a killer lead magnet like a cheat sheet, e-book or calendar and collect data for remarketing.

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15 Marketing Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Business in 2019


15 Marketing Tasks Your Virtual Assistant Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Business in 2019

15 Marketing Tasks Your New Virtual Assistant Can Do To Drive Traffic To Your Business for 2019

Are you to the point in your business that you just realized you can’t do it all by yourself in order for you to achieve the goals you originally set out for yourself, so you're NOT working harder but working smarter? 

While you’re on the hunt looking to hire a virtual assistant the best thing to do is make a list of all the things that you don’t know how to do, and that’s what you’re looking when on-boarding virtual assistant. 



Short of being able to fetch your coffee for you, having a Virtual Assistant (VA) is almost exactly the same as having an in-office administrative assistant. A VA can take care of any admin tasks that are nothing but a nuisance to a busy business owner. Whether it’s scheduling your meetings, booking travel arrangements, maintaining your spreadsheets, or following up with clients, a Virtual Assistant can make your life easier.


Want to get your message across, but the written word is not your forte? Having a professional, seasoned copywriter Virtual Assistant in your arsenal can help ensure that your website and landing pages are always updated with original content. Knowledge of SEO, keywords, and Google ranking is essential in blogging, and virtual assistants have the expertise to incorporate this know-how into their writing. 



Social media management can be complete drudgery for many business owners, who simply lack the time or desire to “play the game”. In today’s online world, engaging your audience is absolutely essential, and a virtual assistant can manage your accounts for you so you can keep your eyes on the prize. Virtual Assistants have the time and skills to grow your audience and keep them coming back for more. 


4. SEO

SEO, or “search engine optimization” is paramount in helping your ideal clients find you online. A virtual assistant knows how to research and incorporate relevant keywords and phrases within your copy and content to attract prospects to your website and to rank your website with Google, giving you a leg up on your competition, and potentially increasing your conversion rate as a result.



Having great content is a good start, but unless it’s strategically promoted, your target audience may struggle to find it. A Virtual Assistant will work hard creating copy to market the content for you while you’re busy building your empire. 



A Virtual Assistant can write and design stellar emails to send to your clients as often as you’d like. Virtual Assistants always include a relevant call-to-action to drive traffic to your business and help convert your copy into sales. Email marketing is also great for affiliate marketing.



Virtual Assistants are skilled in graphic design and experts in keeping things consistent with your branding. Whether you’re in need of email, infographic, custom web page design, logo, photo, promotional, Facebook covers or social media design, a VA can help.  



Websites are where potential clients go to learn all about your business and consider patronizing you. A Virtual Assistant can build a user-friendly, dynamic, comprehensive, beautiful website for you to showcase what you have to offer the world. 


Sale Funnel Planner

Our Sales Funnel Planner is perfect for:

Business Coaches,


Service Professionals,

Virtual Assistants,

Marketing Agents.


nd the list goes on...


Every business needs to build their current email list, and landing pages are the best way to do that. Using Leadpages or any landing page, a Virtual Assistant can craft the perfect landing page that captures leads into your sales funnel to build your list. Lead generation is essential in our current fast-paced, short-attention-span world, and a VA can make it happen for you!



Just about everyone’s scrolling through Facebook for hours each day, and what better opportunity to capture new clients that by advertising on this popular platform? A Virtual Assistant Facebook Ad Pro knows how to easily and effectively advertise your business can really help you build your business with Facebook Ads. 



A Virtual Assistant can also create a captivating intro to videos, edit audio, and podcasts for your audience to enjoy.This time-consuming task is best left to a VA when you’re knee-deep in making your dreams come true. 



Content-rich eBooks are an excellent way for you to make passive income or build your email list and a Virtual Assistant can help you with this. Give a copywriter VA your words and she or he will turn them into a potential best-seller. While creating an eBook may sound easy, there are technical elements involved that a VA can help you with. 



They say that “the money’s in the list”. When your ideal clients choose to receive emails from you, all the easier for you to make the sale. A Virtual Assistant can craft a savvy opt-in for you to use on your landing page, website or on your blog to build your email list.  (Hook, line, and sinker) 



Presentations are still relevant in the business world and A Virtual Assistant can assist in creating the perfect slides for you to use to keep your audience engaged, informed, and maybe even a little entertained for webinars or speaking events! 



Research is extremely time-consuming, but Virtual Assistants love to do it and can save you precious moments by taking over this tedious task for you. 


Below we've added an infographic of "15 Marketing Tasks Your New Virtual Assistant Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Business for 2019", please feel free to share it on your blog. We only ask that you link it back to our blog post.

If you are on the hunt for a great Virtual Assistant to help you marketing your business, schedule a consultation today!

If this will be your first time working with a VA, let me explain how a Virtual Assistant can help your business grow.


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