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Why Your Coaching Business Needs an Affiliate Program


Why Your Coaching Business Needs an Affiliate Program

You can only do so much by yourself. The role of an affiliate program is to send more leads to your website or program without you having to put in additional work. This type of marketing is based on the idea of complementary or similar products and recommendations. It’s what Amazon is doing with the “people who bought this also bought this”.

As a coach, you help people break barriers, achieve their dreams and overcome obstacles. Most people don’t suffer from only one inability, and most likely it’s not within your reach to solve their every problem. That is why you can join forces with others to provide a 360 degrees solution within a group of specialists.

Affiliate Marketing Example

Let’s take Sue, a 39-year old mom of 2, recently divorced and unhappy with her corporate job. Sue has developed a sweet tooth, let’s not call it an addiction and doesn’t look like the cheerleader she used to be in college. Also, she feels useless in her professional life because she only makes the same weekly sales reports, while her real dream is to sell hand-made wedding invitations, beautifully decorated with hand calligraphy. Sue can use some help from different specialists: a coach, a nutritionist, a personal trainer, a business advisor, a lawyer and even a tutor for her kids.

As a coach, you could inspire Sue to get in control of her life and start doing the things she loves to get herself back. However, it would be dangerous to give her nutritional or exercise advice, although you are sure that it would change her appearance, her mood, and overall motivation.

In this case, you need to get into a network of diverse specialists and cross-reference each other.

The benefits of being part of an affiliate program

This is a business model that has many advantages because you transfer some of the marketing tasks to your partners. Another good news is that you only pay a success fee, you don’t waste any money on leads that don’t turn into clients as you do with online marketing.

The best thing about affiliate programs is that they are fully scalable. You can attract as many partners as you want, there is no upper limit to growing your network.

The cons of affiliate marketing

So far it seems like affiliate programs are the Holy Grail of growing your business. However, it would help if you were careful with some aspects. The first one is selecting your partners carefully. Pick only high-quality people, just as yourself, because you will put your word for them and conversely. Even if it is tempting to get as many partners as possible, try limiting the offers to avoid spamming your list. You want to provide additional value, not to become annoying.

Also, keep in mind that every new partner on your list means additional work from you to promote their products, so make sure you are getting a right balance.

Affiliate Marketing Programs

To get the best results for your affiliate program is to make affiliate marketing for beginners an easy process if they’re not familiar with the whole process.

The best affiliate programs offer done for you content to share with your audience that will include affiliate marketing examples listed below:

  • Done for you social media posts & images

  • Emails

  • Tweets

  • Blog post

  • Training & support

Check out our Affiliate Program to get you more information on the structure of the program and how beneficial it is to the right candidate.

We offer a complete Done For You Affiliate Package,  where we set your business up for success and a design a  stream of passive income for your company. Schedule a free consultation for our Done For You Affiliate Package.


Why You Need Digital Marketing Solutions in 2018


Why You Need Digital Marketing Solutions in 2018

What is digital marketing and why is it so important for the survival of your business? 


Digital marketing is the backbone of any and all businesses. You can be a brick and mortar business or an online business, either way, digital marketing is a much-needed service for any successful business. Digital marketing works for any industry, big or small. Digital marketing is basically the online marketing of your business digitally.  When digital marketing is done correctly you have the ability to reach audiences that you could not have before, and in ways that you couldn’t have in a more direct and targeted way. There are many types of digital marketing out there, you need to hone in on the one that works best for your business and stick to it. 

Marketing is your opportunity to generate leads, new business, increase visibility, and educate your target market with your products and services in Google search, newsletters, blogs, social media, and most importantly your website. 


Traditional marketing of your business is what we did in 1995…. Now that the internet has taken over and your customer spends the majority of their time there, your business must be there too! And…. You just can’t have an online business listing and think that your customer will find you. If you think that my friend you’re sadly mistaken. In this digital world today, in order for your business to survive you must show up and show out online. Remember if you don’t, your competitor is!

Digital marketing is “THE” most powerful marketing that you can use in your business. It’s not that unwanted postcard coming in the mail, the unseen advertisement in the newspaper, the lonely billboard, or an insert that was thrown in your grocery bag. Digital marketing is specific, it’s targeted, and it gets in the eyes of who it’s for, unlike the old traditional marketing ways. Digital marketing is a very POWERFUL system to leverage your business!

What Are Digital Marketing Services?

Social Media Management (SMM) - Promoting your brand or cause on your social channels will build a brand awareness, build trust, and ultimately lead to sales. This is really good when starting with a cold audience building your (know-like-trust-factor) with them. 

Search Engine Optimization SEO - In short, you want to be found online organically when someone searches Google, Yahoo, or Bing and bring them to your website.

Search Engine Marketing SEM - Similar to SEO, with this process you're gaining traffic to your website for search engines organically and through paid advertisements. 

PPC Ads (Pay Per Click) - You pay per ad clicked on. These ads can be Google Adwords, Bing, Facebook or Bing Ads.

Content Marketing - This is a more passive way of marketing your business, but the long-term benefits to consistent marketing pay off down the road, especially on Google. Content marketing can be through blogs, publications, social media posts, YouTube videos, or website updates. Usually, with content marketing, there’s a CTA. 

Influencer Marketing - Simply put, you leverage key leaders in the industry to promote/speak/mention your products or service to there following.  

Email Marketing - Is a very effective was of doing direct marketing to your current and potential customers. Usually, you have people sign up for your newsletter on your website, or sign up for a lead magnet you may have and then they are on your mailing list. Businesses use this method of marketing as a strong selling tool, and if the email funnels are setup correctly you will defiantly see the benefit of utilizing this form of marketing. 

There are many other digital marketing services out there, the ones listed above are just our top few we use on a regular basis in our business for our clients. You have Conversion Optimization, Inbound Marketing, Website Analytics, Online PR, Local Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Copywriting and Competitor analysis to name a few for you. Some digital marketing services depend on your business needs, keep that in mind as you research on your business needs. 

Proper marketing is no easy task if done the “correct” way, hence that’s why most businesses just hire a digital marketing agency to do this for them. Sometimes hiring a digital marketing company can help save your company time, money and help to effortlessly grow your business online. 




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