Even if you are not a football fan, you know that Super Bowl means BIG MONEY. Not doing your best to get some of those dollars into your account is pure ignorance and bad management. Remember, this is a once in a decade opportunity.

The Super Bowl in numbers

What is your strategy to promote your company to over 120,000 people who will flood the town during the game?

If you think this is business as usual, and not worth the hassle, just take a look at these numbers from the past editions:

  • Last year Americans spent more than $ 15,4 billion in total related to the Super Bowl.

  • The economic impact on the hosting town can range anywhere between $200 million to $800 million. That means a pile of money is just poured into the local economy over the course of a few days.

  • The average visitor books about 4 nights and spends over $600 a day.

Who are these people and why should you care?

Of course, about half of them are football fans, the so-called ticket-holding visitors. They are interested in the game, the teams and anything football-oriented. If you have a sports shop in Atlanta, a souvenir shop or even a sports pub in Atlanta metro, they are your tribe. They are in a good mood; they want to display their team’s colors and have some fun. Just be sure they find your business and not the competition. Step-up your social media game now!

The non-ticket holders, mainly the wives, girlfriends, and kids are about a quarter of the public. These people are a goldmine for all those business owners in the beauty and wellness industry as well as malls. Nothing better than spoiling the ladies while the guys are at the game. Let us show you how to use social media to be fully booked in advance.

Last, we have the team staff, team members and media representatives. For them, Super Bowl is no fun time. Even they are ready to spend some money at least on food and drinks. Why not have a special reward for those unsung heroes making things possible?

Still not convinced? The simple math

Let’s assume you have a coffee shop. If 100,000 come to town and just 3% of those people (3000) get a $5 coffee at your place every day, that is an additional $15,000 a day. Multiply that with 3 days, and you have a small fortune. Now, do you think it is worth the hassle?

What do you have to do?

The answer is: show up and stand out. These people are in a hurry. You need to grab they attention fast. You might have the tastiest burgers around or provide a memorable experience at your salon but they have to know your name and address.

There is so little time until visitors come flooding in that you don’t have to worry about online marketing. Leave that to us, while you work your magic. Book a call now to design the best proposition for you.

This is an investment with a potential of about 1000x ROI, not even Bitcoin in the good days could offer that.

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