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Webinar is a word used to blend two words, ‘web’ and ‘seminal’. Webinars can be simply described as events entirely held online and exclusively attended by the online audience. It is a mean of reaching out to a large and targeted audience. Webinar which also termed online seminar, web lecture, web event, webcast as well as virtual event are presentations, workshop, seminar or lecture conducted online utilizing video conferencing software. Unlike webcast, which involves the attendance of a real audience, webinar has a key feature of interactive elements such as the capability to disseminate, receive and as well discuss information in actual time. Participants take part wherever they are; live via a Personal Computer (PC), tablet, Smartphone, Mac and any other related devices. However, if they don't have the opportunity to join live as scheduled, the recorded webinar broadcast can be watched afterward. This is one of the effective and profitable tools used by the business owners to promote their business and generate leads that convert to customers.


Practical Steps To Setup An Epic Webinar


Every business or organization always wants to share information with a large audience in a view to promoting the products or services they offer.  In this kind of situation to generate leads and maximize profit, webinars can help in achieving this achieve the goals of generating more leads and more money with outstanding results. Webinars can be used for training, promoting a program and disseminating information about a brand or service. To set up an affordable and epic webinar, the following steps can be of help:

1.    Webinars are the right tool: Firstly, consider your goals and ask yourself this question. Will a  webinar be the right tool to achieve these goals? This is important because a webinar can be an effective and powerful tool for training, seminars and much more. However, the decision to go for a particular tool should base on your needs and goal as well as audience needs. Webinars can perform wonder for some topics while they are inappropriate for some needs. To determine if a webinar is all you need, first consider the following:

-    The subject matter
-    Your targeted audience
-    The time involved to cover your intended topic.

For example, most online audiences do not have all time, especially if your audience are business owners, so they tend to lose interest after a few minutes. This is where Virtual Assistance comes into place. They can create EPIC slides and Powerpoints to keep your audience engaged. Before your webinar, your Virtual Assistant can help with doing the research to make sure you attract the ideal viewer. They can figure all these out for your best interest. Many tools can be used to figure out these decisions, such as surveys, formal interview, feedback as well as an informal conversation to determine if the webinar is right for your business and audience.

2.    Professional speakers and support team: For a successful EPIC webinar, there is need to recruit speakers and a support team to land you a result-oriented webinar. Generally, the usual three major players in a successful webinar are the organizer, the presenter/presenters, and support assistants. Let’s quickly at the functions of each of these players:
Organizer: Organizer is also known as the facilitator. This is the person in charge of webinar topic development. He or she is responsible for getting a speaker, registration set up, promoting the event, as well as reaching out to participants before and after the event. He or she is to introduce the webinar presenters, evaluate the subject matter masters, encourage audience participation and moderate the generated questions from the audience. The organizer is expected to fully participate in the webinar from the beginning to the end of the program.

Presenter(s): This is also known as subject matter master. Presenters are responsible for packaging and delivering of webinar presentation, event registration, webinar software, troubleshooting and related logistics. They are in charge to ensure engaging presentations are delivered optimally.
Support assistants: Assistants are in place to help the organizer and the presenters answer questions they are unable to answer due to schedule. However, a good and experienced organizer usually produces webinar without the aid of an assistant.

3.    Webinar format: The next step is to determine your webinar format that will suit your needs. In this format, descriptions, pros and cons for speakers, the audience must be well planned and stated. The session, moderation, interview as well as a schedule of each event must be programmed in the format. 

4.    Webinar visuals: Visualization is crucial in the webinar, hence, there is need to plan the visuals for your intending webinar. This is because efficient and successful webinars rely on visual and audio quality. For example, much text display on the plain slide doesn't always work well. However, the following slides but not limited to these are need to be included:
A slide contains introductory session awaken memories of your audience the scheduled time for the webinar as well as login details.
Another slide presenting the each presenter, organization, job title and image.
A slide displaying topics and webinar agenda to be covered in the event.

5.    Webinar tool: Pick your webinar tool among the available reasonable numbers of webinar tools. For a successful and right webinar tool, consider the following questions:
How many participants will the webinar tool accommodate?
What is the cost of a webinar?
What are the features needed?
How will you handle the webinar audio?
Do you want to handle the webinar recording for later viewing?
Many plans limit the number of participants; hence, there is a need to pick the most suitable tool that will match your need. Likewise, consider the different cost of webinars. Some are free while some others charge per minute, week, month or year. Ensure you choose a tool that will fit into your features. For whatever features you want your webinar to have, choose correctly. Also, the recording and quality of your webinar need to be considered when picking your webinar tool.

6.    Webinar agenda: Another step is to create an agenda for your webinar. This is a critical step in setting up an epic webinar. It is to be planned ahead of the webinar day say three to four weeks. This can be done by holding a conference call or meeting with a speaker(s) to determine the order of speakers’ presentations, the time each speaker will talk, deadlines for submission of speakers’ materials such as slides and other related materials for proofreading and finalizing the presentation. These need to be followed up with an email containing the discussion and agreement after the conference call.

7.    Practice session: Schedule and organize a practice session for your webinar. This should take place a few days ahead of your webinar day. These are some of the highlights to cover during your practice session:
Introduction to the webinar tool features: In the session, talk about how the tool will be used with available features to the presenter(s). In the case of any problems or questions in the course of the webinar, tell them who to approach and how they can be reached for a possible solution the problems.

8.   Equipment check: It is imperative to make sure the entire presenter’ devices such as headsets, operating system, and other related useful equipment are adaptable to the webinar tool. Most presenters and participants are allowed to test their computer compatibility before the commencement of the event. This is helpful for the smooth and successful EPIC webinar.
Webinar visuals and agenda review: A brief review of the agenda and slides visual are very important to ensure everything is in the right order as expected as well as speakers’ presentations.

9.    Space and equipment reservations: A quite place and good equipment without background voice interruptions are paramount to conduction of an excellent webinar. These accessories such as headsets, microphones, and  power cord if using a laptop and network cable if not a wireless connection are to be reserved for use. It is of worth note here that the use of speakerphone should be avoided because of its poor audio quality.

10.    Registration and the cost of your webinar: The tool to register your attendees should be planned before the start of webinar marketing. For example, a business webinar which has the goal of promoting its new brand or service to its customers may be registered with or without a fee through ‘sign-up.' Also, other ones such as training, empowerment, workshops and much more may be paid for to attend depending on the organizer of the webinar. However, participants tend to be serious if they remember they paid for a webinar.

11.    Promote your webinar: The last step is to publicize your webinar to the interested prospects. This can be done through many means such as your website, newsletters, Facebook, Twitter, local events in the community as well as online event calendars. Another important step to publicize your webinar is to create a blog on your website concerning your webinar. This will optimize the webinar event on the Google search engine (SEO).  One successful webinar is another good source to promote another webinar. This can be achieved by advertising the future webinars at the end of the successful ones.


Benefits Of An EPIC Webinar


Why choosing webinars is your best option to promote your business,  is an understatement to say “a webinar is an effective tool.” Below are the key benefits of using a webinar to promote your business:

Webinars help the business owners to reach the targeted group of audience with a platform to interact with them, ask questions and clear their doubt concerning the brands and services.
It also closes the communication gaps between a business and the prospective customers and as well gives the chance to keep in contact with them when the event is over it can also be watched again. A excellent and well set-up webinar can be easily found through Google and other search engines; hence, it serves as a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tool for business.
A webinar is an avenue to conduct polls, chats, surveys, call to actions concerning your business, products, programs and future products.
A webinar has been found to be cost-effectivemarketing tool with a huge audience at a time compare to real marketing. 

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