Top 5 Social Media Myths In 2019

Social media transformed from a mystical marketing land full of start-ups and ideas to a world full of myths related to the top few giants. The novelty of this new environment makes it susceptible to speculation and self-titled experts. Only recently did universities start to have a proper curriculum on handling marketing through social media. However, by the time this gets to students it is already outdated, so no wonder people believe in many misconceptions. We’re here to bust some of them.

1. It’s not all about numbers

This myth is so strong it made way for another side-business: follower and like buying. Of course, social validation is essential, and it’s part of social media’s appeal, but you don’t just need high numbers, you need to find and grow your tribe. You want to have real people, with a genuine interest in your business following you. These are most likely to become customers and even your ambassadors towards like-minded individuals.

2. Create once, share everywhere

More than a pure myth, this is the definition of social media plague. It shows you understand nothing about the reason for having an account on different platforms and marketing in general. Even if you have the option of cross-sharing, it doesn’t mean you should do it every time just to tick off your duties for the day. If the news you want to put out there is the same, adapt it to the audience of each channel, since this is not the same and to the environment. Tease on one platform, reveal on another.

3. Something is better than nothing

Although it’s true that you need to be consistent about your posting habits and have a specific flow and regularity about it, it’s also about the quality of the content. Nobody expects from you to get a viral every post, but putting in some thinking, work and creativity should be the norm. If you don’t have your content is nothing wrong with sharing from someone else, as long as you give credit.

4. I can just wing it

As a private person, you can post anything from your thoughts, your breakfast or your cats on social media and that’s perfectly fine. As a brand, even for a home-owned business, you need to have a strategy and follow through consistently. When you include more personal stuff, these need to be in a particular brand narrative, for example, #PetsTuesday, when everyone in the office takes turns to show off their furry friends.

5. Build it, and they will come

Just having a social media profile for your brand will not be enough. You need to promote it in your community, in groups, and at offline events. Of course, some sponsored promotions are the fastest way to get the right people on board. Get creative, put your handles where people can see them and make them curious. Make stickers for your car, put in at your location, sprinkle banners on connected sites, don’t be shy.