Just like you wouldn’t marry a random person you just met, most likely you will not buy without knowing, liking and trusting a company. The more expensive the purchase, the more convinced you need to be. This is where sales funnels services come into play.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is, in fact, a guided journey from meeting and greeting the brand to trusting it so much you would recommend it to your friends. If built in the right way, a sales funnel service answers the prospects’ questions before they ask it and it also includes some “aha” moments. A sales funnel is a converter, it strips away fears, to build relationships.

Why do I need one?

The simple answer is because people are afraid and not ready to leave their comfort zone. Even if you have a great product, you will lose if they trust your competitors more just because they’ve been using those products for years.

How do I build a sales funnel?

A good funnel is like a good romance, takes time to build, but so rewarding. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, here is some advice from the best sales funnel consultant in Atlanta.

Build Awareness

You start by attracting as many people as possible who would have the slightest interest in your business. Because this is a game of numbers, at this stage you need to make an impact on a large crowd without spending too much money. Use SEO, social media, write a blog, pay for general advertising like TV or PPC. Comparing to flirting this is just going to the party, dressed up nicely.


Next, you need to move closer to those who are interested in you and who you might be interested in as well. You need to engage with them, get their contacts for later. Offer a small gift in exchange, give useful information, use calls to action or collect info through forms or even games.

Educate & Communicate

Once you have the personal data, you move into another stage. Be sure to keep in touch and educate the prospect about what you can offer them. This stage can take a while, and you still need to provide much free information to minimize misunderstandings leading to product returns.


Moving into the actual sale can feel extremely slow as the average prospect needs to be offered the deal about seven times before they decide. Here, you have to get some technology on your side. Retargeting them with ads for the products they’ve already visited, reminding them about the sale or simply offering a one-time deal can turn a lead into a paying client.

Advocate & Resell

After they have already bought something from you, it’s not over; you need to move them into the advocacy mode. Ask for general feedback. Filter the positive one and use as testimonials and convert the negative into “to fix” lists.

NEVER start with the sale proposition, it’s like showing up naked to a barbeque.