Ready To Launch A New Program? Now's The Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant! 


Are you a business coach, online business owner, service professional, or consultant who’s building your empire by yourself, yet you feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Tired of the constant hustle and missing out on spending precious moments with your family because you have to work around the clock?

Enough is Enough!

It may finally be time for you to employ a Virtual Assistant (VA) once and for all. 
On-boarding a qualified savvy Virtual Assistant can make your next product (eBook, video, training course, etc.) or program a huge success. 

Why? Because a VA who’s worth his or her weight in gold can help to expedite your idea and start to put money in your pocket. 

How? A Virtual Assistant can make magic behind-the-scenes while you focus on taking over the world.  


These are just a fraction of the services a good VA can offer you:

Course Material Creation

Everyone knows how time-consuming research is. Not only that, but compiling and organizing said research can also be tedious and overwhelming. Why DIY this time-sucking task when you can delegate it to someone who can do it for you? 

Workbook and Manual Creation

Just like courses, workbooks and manuals involve a great deal of work. Doing the research, writing the copy, designing, formatting, proofreading…it’s a lot! Focus on what matters and allow your Virtual Assistant to make this happen for you. 

Lead Magnets

Once you have your product or program ready to go, your VA will advise you about how to get your ideal clients’ attention using a lead magnet, or freebie, that you can offer to initiate your sales funnel.  

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

After you’ve figured out how to draw the customers in, have your VA create a killer landing page and effective sales funnel to get your audience to click the “BUY” button. A rock star Virtual Assistant will know exactly how to work potential clients using these vital tools. 

Webinar Slides

Oh, the drudgery of creating slides. This often necessary, yet laborious task, can easily be completed by a VA. Some Virtual Assistants even find it to be fun! 

Graphic Design

Facebook Ad images, social media images, banners, and more, all need to catch your customer’s eye. A great VA can take your content and wrap it up in a pretty package so your audience will be attracted to your brand. 

Audio and Video Editing

Often, this sort of work is best left to a third party. A Virtual Assistant can edit your raw material and make it beautiful and enticing to the eyes and/or ears of your target audience. 

Email Management

As a busy entrepreneur, you probably have an overflowing inbox. Let your VA take manage it for you. He or she can separate out the time-wasting spam and find the emails that matter. 

Original Content Creation

Some Virtual Assistants are copywriting pros. They know how to research relevant keywords and optimize your content so you’re easier to find and rank higher in searches. The written word is not everyone’s forte, so leave it in the hands of a VA copywriter. 

It’s time to start making some headway by using the services offered by a quality Virtual Assistant. 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can help make your next launch a success. You won’t regret it!

Stop chasing your dream AND build your dream with Dream Team Virtual Assistant.

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