Change...the only constant in our life. Paradoxically, isn't it? Before going any further, just take a moment to think about it. If you compare your life to 10 or even five years ago are all things the same? Most probably not. We are in constant evolution, and we must embrace change as part of it. Mastering the "change mindset" means finding ways to be in control, instead of just going with the flow.

Becoming a GAME CHANGER means taking your strong points and using them in innovative ways that others haven't done before that gets noticeable & remarkable results.  Moreover, if you think this is difficult to do, take a look at these three ladies who have really changed the game for themselves and women in general.

Nadja West

When you say, US Army Surgeon General, the first image that comes to your mind is probably not that of an African American woman who was adopted as a child. However, Nadja West is just that. She is also the first female general decorated with 3 stars and she continuously exceeded all expectations. Nadja is a  living inspiration for the women who complain that it is still a man's world out there.
So next time you think that your background is not good enough, your family maybe didn't provide you with the right opportunities take a deep breath and dream about being the Nadia of your activity sector.

Bethany Hamilton

Most ladies would quit a job which endangered their health and life. In fact, some would quit a job even if the coffee is not good enough. How many of you would return to a situation which almost killed you, left you without an arm and all this when you were just a teenager?

Bethany, a professional surfer who survived a shark attack when she was just 13, returned on the board just a year later, winning the first place on a national competition.

If you have the heart of a winner, like Bethany, you will become a game changer by clicking what is negative in your life and turning it around, giving back to the world. For example, because she is an amputee, she created her foundation offering hope and encouraging young people with the same condition to overcome their situation and their limits.

Malala Yousafzai

A GAME CHANGER is fearless. As fearless as Malala was as a girl living under the Taliban regime aiming to criticize the position of the woman in such a society and to take a stand for the education of girls.
Another lesson Malala can teach any game changer is forgiveness. She said that even if she had a gun pointed at the man who shot her she would not use it. This is true power.

The last lesson for Malala for all game changers is to never take anything for granted. As long as you believed that something could be changed for the better, make it your life's goal.
We hope that we have inspired you to dream beyond your daily existence and see that change can be born in the most surprising places.

Let’s change the game together.

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