Apple is the mother that gave life to podcasting through the iPod in the year 2004. Today, online businesses use it as a powerful and valuable online marketing tool. Although, in the present trend it is not obligatory to use an iPod to listen to a podcast, as it can be downloaded and stored on iPhones and even in personal computers. 

What is a Podcast

A podcast is a collection of digital media (audio or video) files that can be downloaded to any mobile devices and portable player. It can also be stored on your mobile devices and listen to it any moment you wish.

Advantages of podcasting:

  • Podcasts are downloaded by engaged customers so, they remain saved in their media players and computers and till they want to hear them.

  • New setups and software allow lately added podcasts to get automatically sent to subscribers. Podcasts target audiences that are excited about listening to the content you offer.

  • Podcasts can spread the business message to global audiences.

  • A frequent mode of communication with audience and clients is established through podcasting.

  • Great content is supplied to subscribers that constitute a substantial percentage of the loyal audience.

  • Podcasts boost the market visibility of the business and also have an exceptional effect on sales and conversion rates.

  • Positions you as an expert in your field.


Here are a few ways to make use of podcasting as a useful digital marketing tool:

  • Establishing Internal Marketing
    For a brand/business to grow both online and offline, it is essential to keep all staff members engaged in various company activities. Podcasts can help you set up internal marketing within the company, which further leads to efficient external marketing.

  • Supplying News and Updates to Subscribers
    The subscribers to your company website (via email) podcasts receive news and updates about your company and products on a consistent basis. Whether it is the opening of a new branch, a launch of a new website or an announcement for a new business product, the information is successfully delivered by podcasts to the subscribers.

  • Marketing Your Business Expertise
    Podcasting helps brands/businesses establish programs that provide guidance, suggestions, and advice, and solve common queries of the clients. You can invite expert guests to your show for discussions that your audience will like and connect with. Keeping a mixture of guest on your show helps maintain the interest of customers and also to keep in touch with the podcasts released by you.

  • Distribute Your Podcasts
    Podcasts can be conveniently distributed across the internet by submitting them to online directories such as iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and many others. The links to podcasts can also be spread throughout social media to maximize its reach. This helps improve the market reach of your company.

In a nutshell, podcasting provides an excellent opportunity for digital marketing of your business and to get in touch with your targeted prospects frequently. Keep in mind that podcasting is the channel to develop long-relationships with the customers and to improve the brand value of your business over time.