3 Elements of a Landing Page That Converts!

A landing page is the online marketer’s magic wand. It is the primary tool for leading potential clients to your sales funnel, as well as the one thing that must persuade and convince them to willingly give you their email addresses. A landing page grants you permission not only to contact clients in the future but also to sell them things; Coaching, DIY courses, Affiliate offers and many other things you could think of selling. 

Does Your Landing Page Get You The Clients You Need? 

There are lots of average landing pages out there, and sadly it’s not always easy to tell the difference between a great landing page and the average ones.  But knowing what differentiates them makes it a lot easier.  

Take a good look at what your current opt-in offers with a critical eye and watch out for:


1. A Compelling Offer

You need something that will ultimately cajole a potential customer into joining your mailing list. Be it a free eBook, a resource guide or a short video training series. Heck, it might even be the promise of a weekly newsletter, but it has to be valuable enough to your target client. 

Also, the benefits of your offer must be stated clearly on the sales copy on your page. What will your reader gain from it? What’s in it for him or her? 

It’s vital that at this point, you know the difference between a product feature and its benefit. Your potential customers don’tcare if your eBook is 247 pages long; that’s a feature. The benefit is what sells it. In this case, the benefit could be that the reader will learn an easy way to save $150 per month on her mortgage payment. Now that’s something certainly worth giving up your email address!


2. A remarkable Call to Action

A call to action is the point where you ask your reader to take action.  Here you want them to fill in their names and email address and click on that button. Here it is important that you let them know what is accepted. 

The thing about great calls to action phrases is that they do not look like work (subscribe, join, learn; those all sound like too much trouble), they compel the reader to take the necessary next step. They look like this;

  • Download Now

  • Listen Now

  • Instant Approval

Utilizing an enticing call to action can mean the difference between a 3% and a 72% conversion rate. Hence it’s essential to pay proper attention to your call to action and also assess it to make sure it’s pulling in potential clients. 


3. Uses Analytics

The last but not the least is Analytics. It is impossible to improve what you don’t track, so ensure you are using some analytics on your squeeze page. Google Analytics is a great tool that can show you how many visitors you receive in a particular time frame. If you divide the number of opt-ins by the number of unique page visitors, that will tell you your conversion rate. 

Also, you can take it a step further by installing some split-testing software such as Google Webmaster Tools or LeadPages tracks analytics too. This software can serve half your visitors on one page, and the other half on a slightly different page. Compare the results, and keep the page with the higher conversion rate; then test again with a third version. 

It’s no longer advisable to depend on just having an opt-in form in your sidebar; times have changed. To achieve success in digital marketing you must take the time to create a landing page that makes a remarkably enticing offer, has a strong call to action, and then also continually test and tweak it to improve performance. If you do this; your funnel will fill itself— together with your coaching program. 


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