An Online Business Manager is online professional personnel who takes you through your business for possible proven results. They are usually referred to as OBM (Online Business Manager). OBM takes his or her time to manage business’ daily tasks that are critical to you or take your time. An Online Business Manager is a virtual based professional who manages an online based business to yield a profitable result. It is good to know that an OBM does more than focusing on day-to-day activities, as he or she also contributes immensely to the overall growing of your business.The OBM helps businesses with reasonable ideas to move the business forward. OBM also performs but not limited to the following:

-    Training of your staff
-    Management of your staff/employees online
-    Keeps track of your scheduling or calls

An online business manager also consults with you and provides dedicated services which are different from what you would get from a virtual assistant. This brings us to an important question:

How is an OBM similar or different to a Virtual Assistant?

Some business owners see and misplace Virtual Assistant with Online Business Manager. Though Virtual Assistants can help get some tasks done, yet they cannot be compared with Online Business Manager. A Virtual Assistant can only tackle the tasks which do not require a lot of training to get done. However, Online Business Managers have in-depth knowledge in your business. They have rooted background in companies which help them to study your business and come up with reasonable solutions quickly. Online Business Managers will immediately take up your business tasks, while Virtual Assistant in-depth training has an idea of what to do about your business. Similarly, one needs to agree to the term that, to have an expert to handle most of your schedules or calls, the owner may need to subject the hired hands to training. There is a technical system to handle task such as phone calls. This will now depend on the level of training each of them will undergo.

Three Signs You Are Ready To Hire an Online Business Manager

When is it that time for the hiring of Online Business Manager? Is there any indication that shows the need to hire a professional to handles most of your business tasks? The following signs have discovered to indicate the need to hire an Online Business Manager:

1.     Committed to investing in your business: A serious investor who is keen on investing in growing of his or her business is in the position to higher an Online Business Manager. If you have prepared your mind to invest money on your business and aspiring for a profitable output in a reasonable period, then you need an Online Business Manager now.

2.    Trying to do too much on your own: As your business grows, it will be discovered that only one person cannot perform all the tasks. For example, some tasks, such as scheduling, bookkeeping, credit repair, taxing, and much more are on your line of schedule; you cannot handle these all alone. At this stage, you are in need of Online Business Manager.

3.    Discovered your strength cannot carry some tasks: To make the best use of your time, you need to hire a professional to handles some of these tedious tasks that take most of your time without success at the end. Some tasks require the attention of an expert line Online Business Manager to achieve a favorable good result. So, outsource some of them.

How to Find an Online Business Manager that is a Good Match for You

To locate and hire an experienced Online Business Manager, you need you to look out for some attributes. The follow tips will help you to find a good match for business:

1.     Experience: Put the round pole in the round hole. The Online Business Manager you are selecting must have experience and knowledge in the firm you are hiring them for.

2.    Committed to vision: The Online Business Manager that you hire must be ready to be your voice thereby sharing your vision. He or she must be willing to be committed to your vision, and not theirs. 

3.    Character Quality: Character is another factor to consider when considering hiring Online Business Manager because you will be dealing with him or her on day-to-day activities. Hence, there is a need for the person to be of a good character which will protect your image to your prospects.

4.    Flexibility: An excellent Online Business Manager should not be rigid. He or she must be opened to take any tasks as related to the success of the business he or she is managing. It should be ready to yield candid opinion of the business stakeholders.

5.    Revenue generation oriented: Online Business Managers must be focused on implementing ideas that will generate revenue to the business owners. If you have plans but get struggling in implementing or completing them successfully, the support of an Online Business Manager can take you the next level.

How can an Online Business Manager help my business?

When it comes to managing your business, you can’t do it alone to achieve you profitable aim. Hiring a non-virtual manager may be tedious and expensive especially temporary or a start-up project. Dream Team Digital Marketing offers Online Business Management with the following benefit:

1.    Management Skill: Online Business Managers of great value to any business they are hired for. They have the options as permitted to works with the business owners in either the overall or specific aspects of the firm. However, the company will experience total turn-around if they are allowed to their management skills to handle the whole parts of the business.

2.    Business Growth: Business coaching gives a new face to the businesses. Every entrepreneur has a mindset to take their businesses to a profitable level. However, if you are struggling to achieve this aim, if advisable to work with an Online Business Manager today.

3.    Sales Funnel Expert: How do you connect your business to your prospects and convert them to regular customers. Online Business Manager filters your leads, identify the prospective buyer through management communication skills, and convert them to make a purchase.

4.    Reduces Workload: Online Business Managers take the workload off you. They take up your to-do-lists and handle them professionally. 

Enumerated below are some of the projects our Online Business Managers will handle for you:

•    New Product/Program Launches: From launch management to staff team launch, our Online Business Manager experts can help you with your new product or service launches to make it known to the world in a professional way.
•    Business plans’ creation and execution: Dream Team Digital Marketing’s team will create a plan for your marketing strategies and make them works.
•    Managing a virtual team: We manage both virtual and non-virtual teams to ensure they both stay on track to achieve your goals.
•    Managing platform: All the features of your website will be run by our Online Business Manager ranging from monitoring of your site SEO, content marketing, and designs plus much more as regard to your business website. 

Hiring an Online Business Manager can take you to your dream goals in your business. They give your business a new face with quick results. In the light of the above, it is recommended that if you are ready to take your business to the next level.   However, whether you are in need of one temporarily for a special or an ongoing project Dream Team Digital Marketing has experience that can give you the best results.

Roslyn Ellerbee, owner of Dream Team Digital Marketing is an Online Business Manager with the experience and expertise to grow, manage and support your business. She has managed multiple businesses and her team of experts are ready to help manage yours. Apply today for a Free Consultation