How To Build A Social Media Strategy


You might be amazed to find out just how many businesses go on social media without a clear strategy and only hope to wing it. Of course, you can be a bit spontaneous and share the latest news in the industry or some viral video which has something to do with your company’s work, but these should be exceptions, not the way you organize social media. Here are a few simple steps to win at the planning game.

Start with an audit of the current state

You can’t set your GPS if you don’t know your current location. In the same way, you are not able to move forward with your social media strategy if you are not aware of what is currently working and what needs improvement.  If you are too in love with your work, why not ask for some outside help and let some fresh eyes take a critical look.

Describe the audience

Social media is all about communicating the right thing to the right people, via the right channel. You need to speak their language, even if that means slang. You need to see their pain points and create tailor-made messages which appeal to their social status, job, interests, and location.

Create a robot-portrait of your ideal follower and then think about things which could be interesting or share-worthy for this person. Don’t just focus on your brand, branch out a bit. For example, if you are selling bikes think about posts about active lifestyle or the great outdoors.

Pin-point your proposition

It’s important to highlight what makes you stand out from the vast cloud of competitors. It will be your North Star when creating the brand strategy. It also needs to shine through your every post in a convergent brand voice.

Create and stick to SMART goals

Once you know who you are and whom you want to attract, put that into clear objectives with a number and a time limit on them. Don’t be afraid to state clearly what you want to achieve and pick metrics which are relevant to your overall strategy.

The danger of social media is that you could focus only on awareness metrics like views, or slight engagement (likes, shares). You want to look at conversions. Track people up to the end of your funnel. Unless they put in their card number, you don’t have a reason to open the champagne.

Think quality not quantity

You don’t need to post every day to make a name for yourself. It’s better to have a moderate but well-spoken presence instead of a high-volume but low quality one. Think of a posts calendar at least a week ahead, ideally a month. Try to post a different type of content every day, varying between pictures, video, industry news, freebies, and infographics. Don’t be afraid to throw in a bit of humor from time to time. Last but not least, think about ways to automate your efforts and use the right digital tools to keep track.