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Of all the factors that could impact your online presence; Call to Actions are the most crucial, especially when it comes to generating and converting leads. They are the prime toolkit for driving growth and increasing revenue in your business, and hence should be given utmost attention.


So many businesses spend a lot of money building sophisticated websites with world-class designs; but without a well-crafted call to action, they attract many site visitors but without any paying customers. Thankfully we're here to help; in this post, we will teach you the significance of call to actions in guaranteeing optimal performance for your website. We will also explore critical steps to creating Powerful CTA's (Call to Actions) that are guaranteed to improve your site’s conversion rate and boost your business beyond what you thought was possible.


What exactly are CTAs?

Call to Actions are phrases usually added to the ending part of a blog post, landing page or sales letter prompting the reader to take specific actions ranging from file downloads or purchases to signing up for some subscription services. The primary role of CTAs is to cajole your site visitors to take that final action and ‘seal the deal.’


Crafting the perfect call to action

There are numerous stages involved in crafting the ideal CTA; below we have outlined the steps that have been tested by industry leaders and found to be necessary ingredients for the perfect call to action you need to grow your business.


1. Defining your goals

First and foremost you need to have a clear grasp of your goals. In other words, what you are hoping to achieve by setting up the website. It is imperative that the action you are calling for correspond to your goals. For example, if you are looking to grow your consultation business; an effective CTA may be something like “Book a Free Consultation Now.”



2. Being aware of the needs of your audience.

It is vital to put the needs of your clients above every other thing. Carry out in-depth research and find out their aspirations; why they are on your site, and what tone of voice or vocabulary that appeals to them. Having this information at the back of your mind will enable you to craft a CTA that your target audience can easily relate to.


3. Visibility

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It defeats the purpose for your site visitors to miss your call to action. Do not let your efforts go to waste by placing your CTA in a spot where your site visitors cannot easily spot it. Ensure your CTA is situated in a conspicuous part and also use a color combination that highlights the CTA and calls for action.

The size of the CTA text is also crucial, the call to action shouldn’t take up so much space as to frustrate your site visitors but they also shouldn’t be so small that visitors  may overlook it


4. Keep it brief

Brevity is the soul of call to actions. Make sure that every letter in your call to action is necessary and the description of the required action must be straight to the point. For example; “Download File Now” “Sign Up for our NewsLetter” "Buy Now!


5. Utilize Action oriented language and include a note of urgency.

CTAs do one thing; getting your visitors to take action. Utilizing powerful imperative verbs in your calls to action increases the urge to follow your CTA and complete the required action. Also, an ideal CTA must push the reader to take immediate action. Adding words like “Now,” “Here,” and “Today” can serve as primers for quick reactions.


6. Lead with incentives

There is a fundamental rule of persuasion that says “Before you ask, give” It also goes that offering something of value free of charge to your target audience, significantly increases the chances of getting them to do what you want. CTAs like “Take my Free Course” "Secure a Free Spot In My Free Webinar” all offer some degree of enticement and allows visitors to visualize what is in it for them.


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If you strictly follow the tips listed above, a necessary last step to improving your growth strategy is to evaluate your site’s overall performance by tracking and analyzing the efficacy of your Call to Action. A good measure of the success rate of your call to action is to gauge the conversion rate. With this knowledge, you can experiment and compare different call to action schemes to see what works best for your site.


Lastly, although we specifically focused on creating a perfect call to action; care must be taken to ensure that other aspects of your site such as page layouts, site content and overall tone augments the call to action. The call to action is the zenith of your pitch to your site visitors, and hence should be in a perfect sync with the rest of the site.


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