When it comes to your business, you hire a specialist for your accounting; you might get some legal help from a lawyer. If these expenses for taking care of your business make sense, why is it that most people think they can manage the online marketing part themselves? Just the fact that they use the same platforms for personal purposes doesn’t make the average business owner qualified to create and implement a digital strategy. When you think about it, it is as crazy as stating that just because you know how to use paint, that you are an artist. We’ve gathered a few ideas on why you should hire a digital marketing consultant, right here in Atlanta.

Strategic thinking

First and foremost a digital marketing consultant brings strategy. It is not about posting now and then; it is about creating a game plan and sticking to it while keeping an eye on the relevant numbers. They also know what is reasonable and what is not. If they are well acquainted with the industry and the geographical area, they might give you valuable tips and trick. Also, having a consultant can keep you sane, because they can reassure you are on the right track, it just takes time.

Relevant expertise

They have done this before. They know what works and what doesn’t. Furthermore, consultants know the fine-tuning, like what is the best hour to post a specific type of content.

You are not paying them just to post a cute photo or put a nice caption next to a kitten video. In fact, you are paying for their know-how on when it is appropriate to put cats for maximum engagement.

Storytelling on steroids

All great digital marketing consultants are excellent storytellers. Most likely your product or service is not unique, but the story behind it would better be if you hope to create an emotional connection. A digital strategist can help you polish your story into something your audience will engage with immediately. They know how to use different tools (text, image, video) on different channels to create the right message and send it to your tribe.

A new angle

Their daily tasks and duties absorb most small business owners so much that they forget to take a step back and look at the entire thing. An external consultant can tell you if something is missing from your online strategy. For example, maybe you’ve been so focused on growing your hair salon that you have forgot you could use Pinterest as a marketing channel. Also, they might ask you some uncomfortable questions about why you do certain things the way you do it. They just want to help you find the best combination of spending your resources.

Grow and scale

Most digital marketing services in Atlanta come with whole teams or a vast network of freelancers to help you implement their advice. You don’t need to do it on your own. In fact, it is best to focus on your core competencies, while the digital strategy rolls clients through your front doors.

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