Why Business Coaches, Life Coaches, and Success Coaches Need To Write A Book

As the saying goes, every person should write a book, build a house, raise a child or at least plant a tree. These are tools to leave a legacy and ways to grow beyond your comfort zone. As a coach, you are a natural born leader, someone others look up to, someone who has knowledge that should be shared with the world even when you are not there to lecture it yourself.

Of course, there are other more pragmatic reasons to write a book, which we will discuss shortly.

Organize your thoughts

Writing a book requires putting all your ducks in a row and your thinking in order. This process will make you pay more attention to what is important, how ideas connect to each other and which are the best exercises that have yielded real results over the years.

You can do this process in different ways which fit your working style: post-it notes, Evernote, organizing the information into folders or putting every idea on a big cork wall, like in detective stories. The most important thing is to get, in the end, something similar to a content table.

Establish as an authority

It is nice to be recognized and recommended by word of mouth in your business, yet it’s a whole other level to be a published author. Including this in your marketing strategy takes you from average to guru level fast. Even if nowadays it’s a lot easier to publish a book, you can basically just take care of the content and outsource everything else, the printed word still holds an aura of authority.

Don’t be surprised if you get a lot more invites to have seminars, talks, media appearances after you launch your volume. Also, since you will be a lot busier, consider raising your prices.

Create passive income streams

Even if you sell your book for just a few dollars, once it’s out there it’s another source of money flowing to you. Not only your book can bring more cash, but you can create additional merchandise around it such as notebooks, cups, t-shirts and more including the best quotes or illustrations. Your fans will be happy to have them and act as ambassadors of your brand.

Uncover new ideas

The process of writing a book is challenging, and most likely it will get your creative juices flowing. Most likely, you will end up with more thought that you need to put in a single book. Don’t let these go to waste. Write them down and turn them into other types of valuable content. Think about blog posts, teasers, freebies to attract new subscribers.

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