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Bath & Body Works Sales Funnel - The Secret to Their Billion Dollar Funnel


It all starts when Bath & Body Works sends you an ad in the mail. The front of the cheerful, brightly colored postcard catches your eye and piques your interest, and on the back are coupons, which read:

One Free Fun Size Signature Item - No Purchase Necessary (Lead Magnet)
20% off Your Entire Purchase (Tripwire)
$10 off Your Purchase of $30 or More (Upsell) 
 This is one of Bath & Body Work's advertisements that come in the mail

This is one of Bath & Body Work's advertisements that come in the mail


Let’s take a closer look at their sales funnel process.

When Bath & Body Works earns your trust by getting you through the door in the first place (Landing Page), you’re not even aware that you’re becoming a part of their sales funnel. The free gift (Lead Magnet) also know as the irresistible offer. We all know that Bath & Body Works has some deliciously scented hand sanitizers, soaps, perfumes, mists, lotions, shower gels, plug-ins, etc. They know that they just need to coax you in and their products will practically sell themselves. 

In order to entice someone to opt-in on your landing page (Leadpages), you must have an irresistible offer - something that makes it worth it for them to give you their email address in exchange. 

Once you're in the store, you’re intrigued by all the wonderful aromas. You begin to imagine how much better your house would smell with this candle, or how lovely that body spray would be to wear the next time you go out with the girls. So, you decide to purchase a candle and some sweet smelling body spray, and on the way to the register, you grab your free fun size lotion (Lead Magnet). Remember…that’s why you went to their store in the first place! 

You’re finally ready to check out. The cashier rings up your purchase and scans your coupons, but before she takes your money, she asks, “May I have your email address for future promotions and coupons?” (Yes you just opted into their sales funnel)


Bath & Body Works Sales Funnel Breakdown 


  1. Receive coupons and/or offer for free item (Lead Magnet - Attract - Covert) 
  2. Go to the store to get “just” the free item, see something else you want to buy (Tripwire - Convert)
  3. Give email address at register when asked (Call To Action - Engagement)
  4. Receive coupons in your bag for the following month (Lead Magnet - Awareness)
  5. Tell friends and family about your new fragrance when asked (Brand Awareness - Trust Building)
  6. Get an email the following week about new products and/or a sale (Awareness - Engagement)
  7. Go back to buy the entire set of the body spray you previously purchased (Upsell)
  8. Check out and receive more coupons in your bag (Lead Magnet - Awareness)
  9. Receive an email several weeks later about the semi-annual 75% off sale (Awareness - Engagement)
  10. Go back again and purchase something for friends/family members (Upsell - Sales)
  11. Check out and receive more coupons in your bag (Lead Magnet - Awareness)
  12. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.


Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 


I remember taking an online business & marketing program “Hustle Fearlessly”, and my coach Fabiola Giordani advising me that, “if you want them to opt-in on your landing page you must have an irresistible offer for them, your lead magnet must solve a problem, and it must be something of value." Hmmmmmm, gave me a lot to think about when it come to Bath & Body Works sales funnel. I can see why Bath & Body Works uses coupons, and especially the free fun size item (Lead Magnet), to get potential customers in the door - it’s something we all need, it’s irresistible, and it has worth.

Check this out ladies!! A FREE beautifully scented, fun size lotion for your purse. We could all use that! You can’t beat that deal! 

If you think about the entire sales funnel process, it’s brilliant! 

Here’s The Sales Product Awareness Funnel Scenario: 

You have your lotion in your purse, courtesy of  Bath & Body Works you take it out and use it, and someone nearby says, “That smells so good! Where did you get that? What’s the product’s name?” 


Bath & Body Works just landed another customer with that one free item that they gave you. (Lead Magnet - Awareness) The free lotion leads people to the store using the KLT (Know-Like-Trust) factor, brand awareness, and a superior product line.

Think about that cycle - very effective sales funnel $$$.

Tips for Your Sales Funnel:

  • Have an irresistible offer
  • Make sure you have superior products or services that people will talk about
  • Email your list regularly with sales, offers, and new products

If you’re ever in doubt about your own sales funnel, consider how Bath & Body Works does it and mimic their methodology. The most important part is staying in touch with your customers. List-building, and emailing to that list regularly, is a critical part of the sales funnel. 

I hope you found this Bath & Body Works sales funnel breakdown to be fun and informative. It works! Use it! This is the same sales funnel they’ve used for ages. If anyone knows how long Bath & Body Works has been using this sales funnel, comment below and let me know.

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