3 Steps To Choosing The Right Business Coach

Being an entrepreneur is the biggest personal development journey ever, having the right support by your side is very essential. To get the needed support, business coach or mentor is necessary; the business coach must be someone who is excelling in the business sector you have an interest in.

Yes, there are many business coaches online out there who can assist you start and grow the business of your dream; but you have to understand that not all of them are good for you. Go for business coaches that have a lifestyle you are dying to experience, a brand that speaks to you and totally resonates with, and their feature program gives you everything you have been fantasizing about for a while now. Most importantly, avoid coaches or mentors who are not ACTIVELY doing the business you are into or going into.

If you pick the right business coach, you are going to do well in your business. So, consider taking these 3 steps if you want the right coach:

Step 1: Be sure that their Testimonials based on evidence.

Everything is possible; some business coaches could make testimonials. The testimonials can sing their praises and get you deceived. Observe if their clients demonstrate clear results in their testimonial. The testimonials should show a clear indication of results and accountability of the coach since you are looking for a mentor to suggest significant action steps to move your business forward.

Step 2: Find a coach who is into your business

Much stress is on this because it is one way to ensure you find a great coach who is result oriented. Can a business coach who's main focus is online businesses, which depends so much on social media and online tools for scalability give you right direction on as store-front business that uses different tools? 
The ways of handling services are different for how products are handled. Products deal with inventory but services do no, so they have different issues. The bottom line is, find a business coach who is a service provider if you are interested in providing services and vice versa if you are interested in dealing with products. 

Step 3: Go with with your gut

In some situations, your gut is a better decision maker than your brain. When it comes to choosing a business coach, you will want to make sure you can work well the coach, that your personalities mesh and that it’s a good partnership. In things like this, your intuition may serve as a better barometer than your intellect.
Sometimes your brain may be thinking of getting a coach that will help you hit millionaire status while your gut may be see something about a particular coach that is awesome and your gut thinks you may not yet be ready for that level of success your brain wants. Trust your gut, it never lies.

The ball is now in your court… try these 3 steps out and see the results; I’m here waiting for your testimonies! If you need help finding a business coach, contact us. We work with business coaches and would be happy to give you a referal. 

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