Stick to your New Year’s Resolutions For Your Business

As the Christmas spirit is melting away, we are getting ready for the next big thing on the list, the New Year. We are not talking about the New Year, New Me trend (please read “natural fertilizer”). You don’t need to be another person to have success. You just need to be your best, focused and determined version. Prepare to let go of the bad habits as you also let go the “all or nothing” mindset. Have patience with your growth, enjoy every step along the way. Never be afraid to get some help, even super-heroes have side-kicks.

We’ve prepared an inspiring list of business-oriented resolutions to take your company to the next level in 2019.

1. Get A Coach

Sometimes just looking at things from a different perspective drives growth. A coach will not do the work for you, but give you directions. Most importantly, a coach should give you a fresh new angle to look at each problem. It might be uncomfortable at times, but that’s what great coaches do, they make you step out of your comfort zone. The resolution should be: Get comfortable with being uncomfortable, under a professional’s supervision.

2. Upgrade Your Business 

Each year you need to strive to do just a bit more. You didn’t start a company just to get out of debt or have some money. You wanted to change the world, by putting forward your unique gifts. Even if you are earning enough, remember it’s not all about money. Strive to upgrade, give back to the community and develop as a person. Promise yourself that you will be a fountain spilling joy and knowledge around you.

3. Get Your Business Visible 

Sometimes it seems overwhelming to get the word out. You might feel that you are bragging. It is also common to lie to yourself and say you are not ready yet to get the word out, so you postpone it. Some business owners even have the impostor’s syndrome. Promise yourself for 2019 that you will talk about your business like a mom talks about her child even if that means being cocky sometimes.

4. Business Makeover

Fashion designers have at least two collections per year. The simple lesson you can learn from that is that you need to give your brand a makeover from time to time to keep people interested. You can start with simple things like making your website more user-friendly and advertising-ready. You can also create new designs for business cards or start including small thank you notes for clients. Look after your business’ image.

5. Hire A Virtual Assistant 

The easiest way to close down a business is to get burnout by trying to do everything yourself. Delegating doesn’t mean you care less, it means you are growing. Make 2019 the year when you make every hour count. Don’t accept anything below your value. Hire the best virtual assistant and start growing your brand.

6. Passive Income 

The real deal is when you start earning while you sleep. Aim to design programs, write books or create merchandise that doesn’t require your physical presence to provide value. Transform yourself into a brand. That will help you generate income without additional work.

7. Start or Fix Your Sales Funnels 

Most buyers are just like old-fashioned, educated ladies. They don’t say yes right away; it takes some time to gain their trust. That’s why in the new year you need to put more work into your sales funnel. Make a promise to always be there for your clients, no matter which stage of the journey they are in. Best relationships are not rushed, they grow steadily.

8. Network With Others

Being strong and independent doesn’t mean being alone. The best way to grow your business is to connect with like-minded people and develop together. Commit to attend local business and networking clubs at least monthly. Most importantly, don’t forget to follow up and help before you ask for favors.

9. Utilize Your Resources

Having some resources put aside for emergencies is always a good idea, but you need to put some skin in the game too. Use everything you have to the maximum. Think of every dollar and every connection you have and how to multiply them. Welcome abundance into your life by spending money to make a whole lot more.

10. Dream BIG!

All the points mentioned above can be summed up as a simple desire to dream big and follow that dream until it becomes business as usual.

Now, take this as inspiration and write your own resolutions. Make a vision board out of them and hang it in front of your desk.

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