Branding: How to build brand awareness

**5 Tips To Position Your Brand Online for 2017

In this technology age, if you wish to stand out from the ocean of other businesses, you'll need to put a total great deal of commitment into accumulating your individual brand. Building your individual brand will be the starting point of your booming businesses, connections with peers in your industry, help you boost your status online and catch the attention of more customers to your business.

This is because after getting established a solid and recognizable personal brand, people will start to see you as an authoritative figure in your space.

The good news is that we now have a huge amount of inexpensive tools designed for personal branding. But, before we dive off into my set of the very best 5 personal branding tools, let's discuss just what a personal brand is.

What is a Personal Brand?

Your personal brand is actually what you would like or something to be associated with and known for in your industry. As you may start building an individual brand for your business, there are four key things that you'll require to do:

  1. Build your online presence Creating a solid online presence for your personal brand and business is super essential, since we are moving into a digital age especially. Your online presence includes all the web properties that you establish on the internet such as your social media profiles, your website or your blog site.

  2. Be authentic and true to yourself There is enough fake occurrence in the digital world - I've seen it couple of times - where individuals are endeavoring to be great imitations of another person. When I started out building my own brand years back, I made this same mistake. However, since starting a fresh brand that targets teaching smaller businesses developing a website, I am embracing who I am, a techie addict that helps small biz owners make the web work because of their companies.

  3. Create a consistent brand identity You need to be consistent in everything that you do online. Your social media, blog post all have their own requirements; you still need to use the same themes, images and colors all the time. This will make your brand unique and your online presence will be easily felt anywhere.

  4. Network with fellow peers in your industry If you want to take your branding to the next level, one sure way you must follow is the path of networking. To be very honest with you, I have shielded myself from this part of branding and it cost me a lot but now that my new brand is following this new path I see it working now because I didn’t fully understand the power of networking. You can never build a brand on your own. You will need shoulders to lean on and hands to hold, and this is what networking is all about.

  5. Your Blog The most effective way of branding is to blog your way out and promotes your content online. The web is the best place to exchange content and promote them online. Your writing, sharing and all activities in your blog is what other small business owners or branding novice will learn from and it’s the surest way to fire you to the top. Wordpress is by far the most popular blogging platform in the world, which has made content sharing easy as ever.

I hope that these tips and 5 tools help you start establishing an awesome and solid personal brand for your business. However If you are unsure about building a personal or business brand that will stand out let’s chat. We offer an complimentary business success session where we can go over the needs of your brand.


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