5 Apps For Online Business Owners

Between keeping track of employee work schedules, handling customer complaints, and expenses monitoring, running a small business is hard work. If you’re looking to increase organization and productivity or just make your work as an entrepreneur easier, a solid app might be just be the key that unlocks all.

I have compiled a list of my favorites. These 10 apps put you on top of your business and keep you organized.


Stop searching for a new videoconferencing app, go ahead and try Fuze. Online meetings using mobile devices and compatibility with most operating systems makes it easier, including new versions for Samsung Galaxy and iPads. The audio is crystal clear and video transmission is in HD. For your small business there is a 30-days free trial before purchasing the professional version.


So many companies developing conferencing app have been finding a way to knock out Skype but all have failed. As it stands Skype still rocks and it keeps gaining popularity every day. Whether you are speaking with your clients overseas or business partners within your organization, this app remains the best bet among every other teleconferencing app. You can also share files and photos of any size. Calling a group of people up to 30 is easy when you use Skype.

Rescue Time

This fantastic app does what it’s been made for “Track” your daily activities on your PC or apps are tracked by this software and then it gives details of how you spent your entire day, and the time you spent on your apps. Rescue time then sends you the analysis of how you spent your time and how you can be more strategically productive. The app works for PC, MacPC, Linux and Android and costs $72 per year with free 4 months.


You can always have a big headache when you can’t track your expenses when you are on the move. The only solution to the pain is Expensify. You can get your credit card expense report on this app when you add your credit card details to it. To make it more beautiful, you can take a snapshot of your receipt and with the wonders of Expensify, all the necessary data needed will be extracted. It will only take few minutes to make an expense report by yourself. The app works on all phones, including iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone and on all desktops.


Gusto formally known as ZenPayroll is streamline to ease the processing of staffs payroll. It works as a paperless technology allowing easy calculation of salaries and taxes. Gusto works on all operating systems and devices with a monthly fee of $25, and comes with a $5 charge on all employees.

We hope you found this article useful in your business and possibly your personal life. We look forward to sharing new and exciting information with our readers. On the assumption that your not using any of these apps, give atleast one of them a try you won’t be disappointed. It will not only save you time but also save you future headaches.

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