Hire A Virtual Assistant To Manage Your Blog

Hire A Virtual Assistant Manage Your Blog

Today we shall be taking a look at how to work hand-in-hand with a virtual assistant to help you manage your blog

Marketing and business ideas was really tough for me to think about when I started running my first blog and bringing on board new customers. In this short piece we shall be talking about how your VA should handle the technical aspect of your blog, before writing any of the content if you choose not to write your own content. 

Everything I have discussed here is the same way my Virtual Assistant assists me with my blog..

To take your blog to the next level, certain things must be put in place. You should be committed to the blog. 

  • Find time to blog.

  • Interpret your Analytics.

  • Working with feedbacks from readers

  • Dealing with technical issues.

  • Brainstorming for content ideas.

  • Looking out for readers.

Let’s start with technical part of your blog. Here are the few things or task your VA should be totally involved. 

  • Backing Up Your Blog – It wonders me to see that despite the amount of time bloggers spend to build up a State of the Art Blog, they still don’t have the time to back up their blogs. Hackers are on the rise, there are certain issues regarding to security that you VA must know. Install a plug-in called BackupBuddy. This will he you to backup and also backup for others.

  • Keeping Wordpress up to date – Keeping your Wordpress up to date can be a task that you can easily forget since its still been viewed by your clients and customers. Your VA should always make sure that your blog is up to date so that plugins installations won’t be a problem.

  • Updating Plugins – If you fall into the categories of bloggers who don’t update their plugins, then you risk the chance of not giving your fans the worse side of displays. Distorted diagrams, Slide shows not working is not something you should allow your viewers to see.


I have listed below some important plugins that you need to stay ahead when using WordPress.

If your VA can handle these tasks I have stated here, then you can sleep with your eyes closed to know that you can trust the virtual assistant. Your VA should be very current with the latest trends of plugins so that he/she can work with little or no supervision.

Every business owner must dedicate enough time for blogging. When you find that you just don't have enough time in your day to get it all done, especially managing your blog hiring a virtual assistant would be very beneficial to you and your business. 

Knowing that you need help is the first step and finding good help is next. We're here to help!

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