7 Tasks You Can Outsource To Your Virtual Assistant

Entrepreneurs are liable to use virtual assistance as customer care representatives sending of post cards and running other errands. One thing that is important is trust building, the same as it is applied to a permanent staff. "They happen to be part of your team; the only difference is that they work remotely." Here are 10 areas you could use a virtual assistant.


Keeping checks on bills and other bookkeeping issues is one of the easiest things to assign a VA to. Many growing businesses choose to share personal bookkeeping systems with their VA who can then perform tasks such as unpaid bills and outstanding invoices. "Passwords and access to accounts might be handed to them if necessary.

Data Presentations

When you have raw data in your hands and you want it converted to a PowerPoint presentation, the best bet is to outsource it to a VA. Virtual assistants tend to have and spend much time on creating slides and they are most times professional. You don’t need to stay glued to your system all night. Let the communication flow about what you need and they will deliver.

Managing email

Checking and responding to emails can be time wasting. Using a dedicated virtual assistant can really help a lot. She/he can check your email and pick the ones you have assigned as a special or important mail. You can advise your VA to always copy you before sending out replies to avoid errors.

Travel Research

If you are the travelling boss, you need the services of a VA. Most times, businessmen are faced with issues of ticket booking, arrangement and weather problem. This will not be an issue if you hire a VA. There is more room to book a flight, read news about the location and weather. You don’t have to worry if you would be enjoying your trip.


Because lots of scheduling tools are everywhere on the internet, virtual assistants use these to manage the calendars of many bosses and business owners. Tasks include dealing with conference invitations from others, appointment scheduling with clients and events planning. It’s all about been comfortable and allowing someone else, the remote person, to handle your calendar.

Business Research

It’s always hard sometimes to chase too many business opportunities at the same time. Consider a scenario where you need to be at the office for a meeting and you need to shop online and also send a parcel through postal services. A virtual Assistant can deal with these small issues and you can have time to settle for the business of the day. They can also help you watch over online bids while you engage yourself in other things that are making you money.

Industry Knowledge Prep

Most company owner and business moguls have limited time to keep tab on the trending issues related to industries around them. Sometime they need to monitor competitions and product review. The assistance of a VA is needed to bring abreast the information regarding industries for the bosses to keep tabs on.

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