Presently I have over 10 people working with me in one department or the other, and they are all virtual assistants. Few of them live close to me, while some are far away from me. This has not stopped us from working together and achieving great success. With some really cool software that are in vogue, work has been very smooth and stress free. I’d love to share these 5 tools with you in you find efforts of working with a virtual assistant. You will need these tools to keep business activities in check.

1. [Basecamp] This is a web based project management tool. It is very simple to use. It allows us to store all the files, due dates, tasks, and discussions with the necessary project. We use it for our everyday activities, open ended projects (e.g., accounting) to a one-time (e.g., speaking seminar, new book launch, and video shoots and presentation). I discovered that most remote workers and virtual assistants are used to Basecamp and use it with their clients.

2. [Dropbox] Sharing files with one another is very easy with this tool. It just keeps improving every day. Whenever you sync your file to Dropbox, it becomes available to your co-workers or clients though folder sharing. It’s easy and simple to use. In fact, most of my documents are synched with Dropbox, so sharing file at any time without having to move any folder is now conveniently easy. It also works as a backup system.

3. [Google Calendar] This type of calendar is web based. It enables me to share my dates and engagements with my co-workers or colleagues. Calendars can be broken down into sub-calendars (e.g., project deadlines, speaking engagements, appointments and media interviews, etc.) and then make sure the categories are shared with the relevant worker. This allows my workers to know my engagements to there won’t be a case of double booking.

4. [GroupMe] This is a terrific iPhone app and also a web-based application. Group chat is what it has been designed for. Tele-seminars and live events can’t be easier if GroupMe hadn’t come to the rescue. There is always an everyone to everyone real time communication It’s not stressful when you use GroupMe, it has wiped out the age of normal text massages away. You also have the ability to send large messages to those within your contact or group.

5. [LastPass] This is a password management program that allows the sharing of my login credentials and passwords with my co-workers while without putting myself at risk of password hacking. This information can be communicated in two ways. If I give out my password, they can see it and then use it. Sharing my password makes it unmasked meaning that they can’t see it but can use it. If you always have a second thought about sharing information that is personal, most especially login credentials, this application is the best. Though in most cases it is not secure—a very knowledgeable programmer can still get your password after it has been masked but a rookie at work won’t find it easy.

Lastly, make sure you update your software so that you can keep up with current trends of their activities. These are some of the tools that we use in our business and we recommend them because they work for the[ Dream Team Digital Marketing

Comment below the software tools you use in your business.