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Sales Funnel: A Must Have For A Successful Business

A sale funnel is referred to as a linear representation of sale proceeds from firm customer awareness to customer response action. There’s a bit of difference between prospective customers and clients that finally make a purchase from business activities. This is where sales a funnel come into place. The visual presentation illustrates the concept that every sale starts with huge numbers of interested buyers, but the number of customers who actually make a purchase is comparatively much smaller. There are different levels appointed to a sales funnel by company; however, sales funnels are generally categorized into four sections namely:

  • Those that are aware of the company
  • Those that once had contact with the company
  • Those that have contact with the company repeatedly
  • Those that finally made a purchase

Every business’ goal is to make sales among their competitors. But when it comes to sales, it’s a way of finding prospective buyers who are serious in becoming regular customers. But it’s not so easy all the time. It can be a big task to discover and identify the actual people who are committed to complete the whole purchase processes. The management's duty is to come up with an idea to discover and separate prospective buyers from unserious ones around the business.

Stages of Sales Funnel

The company’s sales process can be described as the way every prospect passes through to become an actual customer, and these sales funnel stages are the lead road. This process has an in-depth impact on prospective buyers’ behavior, either for the good or the bad. Care must be taken to ensure that the stages in practice must be in agreement with your prospects’ buying process. The sales team’s actions will be uttered and have an adverse impact on the prospective buyer decision if the company sales funnel stages are not aligned.

It is of worth to note that the business makes use of the correct steps in this process to achieve success. Dream Team Digital Marketing is one of the best service providers in offering this service by helping their clients study their business and come up with a good sales funnel for their business.

Below are the stages of consideration in your sales process:

Lead: Lead is also referred to as a suspect. Lead can also be your target customer in your plan. This is somebody somewhere that you have never talked to or approach for a possible patronage. Sales funnel team must professional search and track their most profitable sources of leads that will effectually turn customers.

Prospect: At this stage, the sales team has approached the prospective buyer, relate all the necessary details of their products and services and both parties had agreed to move to the next phase of the process.

Qualified Prospect: This stage is concerned with the process in which the prospect is verified for a need of the product. The crucial stage of the sales funnel. This is the stage where a proposed transaction is planned between the two party. Experts are expected to handle this stage for a proper customer dealing in order not to lose the qualified prospects because the process may be complicated most time. An agreement is being made at this stage.

Committed: After receiving the green light from your qualified prospect, at the stage, the customer has agreed to the terms and conditions and decided to proceed, it simply means they are committed. But yet, it is regarded as a verbal commitment. The next step at this stage is to agree on the contract, payment, and delivery terms.

Transacted: At this stage, the transaction has taken place and the contract signed by both parties. The contract fulfillment is the responsibility of company as far as a salesperson is concerned. The focus will now be on another opportunity either from the same person or other prospective customers as the process starts all over.

Phases of Sales Funnel

There are five main phases of sales funnel as defined below:

  • Awareness Phase – This is the phase in which prospects are aware of the possible solutions to their problems.
  • Interest Phase – At this phase, the prospects show signs of interest in the product or service through product analysis conducted by the sales team.
  • Evaluation Phase – Prospects or prospect inch towards making a purchase after thorough examinations of different competitors’ resolutions
  • Decision Phase – This is a critical phase in which prospects make up his or her minds and make a final decision which proceeds to negotiation. At this phase, prospects are still at the liberty of making a deal or turn off the deal.
  • Purchase Phase – This is the final phase arising from all the phases above in which deal is sealed and goods or services are finally purchased.

Benefits of a Sales Funnel

There are several advantages to using a sales funnel:

  • It helps focus attention on the customers most likely to buy the product.
  • Instead of wasting time on those people who are not actually interested, the sales teams can target their efforts.
  • It also helps add some predictability to the sales process which is otherwise very variable.
  • A customer that has reached the bottom is most likely to be engaged enough to be turned into a successful sale.

Effective Sales Funnel Management

Hiring the Right People

Provided the fundamental of a sales funnel is well studied and understood by business owners, having a perfect sales funnel for a business to generate sales to the organizations or companies will be challenging and seemed unachievable. A good sales funnel team must be able to identify potential leads that will successfully convert to a sale. There are numerous people indicating interests initially in a particular business, but the numbers of individuals that actually want to make a purchase are relatively small. In the light of this, it is tough to identify the right people to focus on next stage of the sales funnel. This is where Dream Team Virtual Assistant LLC comes into place.

Dream Team Digital Marketing's sales funnel team has been known to be the strongest and most effective in the current trending of sales generation. They will efficiently and professional filter the unserious prospects and create successful sales for your business. They will go the extra mile to give their clients the best results by delivering excellent results and outcomes while maximizing sales and ROI . Their sales funnel critically studies the market in planning for the method to adopt in capturing the minds of the prospects that will make a purchase.

In conclusion, no matter what level your business is at, as the business grows, one has to reach out to an effective and professional sales team that will move the business to the next level. Many companies make costly mistakes of relying on their own effort to boost their sales. The truth of the matter is that our experts have been trained to do the work professionally and produce the best results for your business. Dream Team Digital Marketing is the service provider who has the trained experts to handle your sales process filtration to bring out the best of your business by turning leads to regular customers and clients. They are HIGHLY RECOMMENDED by all of their current and past clients.

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