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Market Your Business with Podcasting


Market Your Business with Podcasting

Apple is the mother that gave life to podcasting through the iPod in the year 2004. Today, online businesses use it as a powerful and valuable online marketing tool. Although, in the present trend it is not obligatory to use an iPod to listen to a podcast, as it can be downloaded and stored on iPhones and even in personal computers. 

What is a Podcast

A podcast is a collection of digital media (audio or video) files that can be downloaded to any mobile devices and portable player. It can also be stored on your mobile devices and listen to it any moment you wish.

Advantages of podcasting:

  • Podcasts are downloaded by engaged customers so, they remain saved in their media players and computers and till they want to hear them.
  • New setups and software allow lately added podcasts to get automatically sent to subscribers. Podcasts target audiences that are excited about listening to the content you offer.
  • Podcasts can spread the business message to global audiences.
  • A frequent mode of communication with audience and clients is established through podcasting.
  • Great content is supplied to subscribers that constitute a substantial percentage of the loyal audience.
  • Podcasts boost the market visibility of the business and also have an exceptional effect on sales and conversion rates.
  • Positions you as an expert in your field. 

Here are a few ways to make use of podcasting as a useful digital marketing tool:

  • Establishing Internal Marketing
    For a brand/business to grow both online and offline, it is essential to keep all staff members engaged in various company activities. Podcasts can help you set up internal marketing within the company, which further leads to efficient external marketing.
  • Supplying News and Updates to Subscribers
    The subscribers to your company website (via email) podcasts receive news and updates about your company and products on a consistent basis. Whether it is the opening of a new branch, a launch of a new website or an announcement for a new business product, the information is successfully delivered by podcasts to the subscribers.
  • Marketing Your Business Expertise
    Podcasting helps brands/businesses establish programs that provide guidance, suggestions, and advice, and solve common queries of the clients. You can invite expert guests to your show for discussions that your audience will like and connect with. Keeping a mixture of guest on your show helps maintain the interest of customers and also to keep in touch with the podcasts released by you.
  • Distribute Your Podcasts
    Podcasts can be conveniently distributed across the internet by submitting them to online directories such as iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and many others. The links to podcasts can also be spread throughout social media to maximize its reach. This helps improve the market reach of your company.

In a nutshell, podcasting provides an excellent opportunity for digital marketing of your business and to get in touch with your targeted prospects frequently. Keep in mind that podcasting is the channel to develop long-relationships with the customers and to improve the brand value of your business over time.


What it Takes to Succeed in the Sharing Economy


What it Takes to Succeed in the Sharing Economy

There are many exciting and potentially lucrative ways for would-be entrepreneurs to enter the small business world these days. Computer and communications technologies provide a degree of flexibility that wasn’t available to prospective small business owners just a few years ago. 

One of the easiest ways to tap into new sources of business is via the sharing economy, an economic model sometimes referred to as the peer-to-peer economy, a model marked by providing or sharing access to products and services. Starting a business in the sharing economy can be as easy and convenient as owning your own home or your own vehicle. It’s about monetizing what you already own. Here’s some advice on making it work for you.

Know your niche

There’s a definite business common sense element to succeeding in the sharing economy. You need to find out whether there’s a synergy between supply and demand. For example, if you wanted to begin a pet sitting or dog walking service out of your home, your business may not be sustainable if you lack sufficient space or resources to accommodate enough dogs and/or cats. You’ll need to do a certain volume of business to turn an appreciable profit, so make sure you can provide enough service to meet demand in a business niche that’s grown significantly in recent years. 

Person to person

As an entrepreneur in the sharing economy, your business could come from anywhere, at any time. As a dog walker, your neighbors, friends and family could comprise a substantial percentage of your business, so be sure to put a human face on your endeavor. It’s too easy to fall back on technology and assume that you can attract a clientele with a well-designed website and an aggressive social media presence. Do some chatting, handshaking and back slapping once in a while. People will remember you or it, especially these days. You have to be a tenacious and eager individual to make a small business work; those are qualities that will impress plenty of potential clients.


Those clients need to have a certain amount of trust in who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish. After all, they’re coming into your home as strangers or riding in your car at any hour of the day or night. Build trust in you and your business by maintaining a positive profile online and developing a good reputation from past clients who can prove to be one of your most valuable assets. High visibility is what it’s all about in the sharing economy, so make sure that people know who you are and that your business is well-liked enough to attract repeat business. 


People appreciate a well-disciplined businessperson who’s not averse to taking a risk. Communicate those qualities through your self-marketing outreach efforts online and via Facebook and Instagram. If your customer experience is bad, word of mouth will make the rounds and customers will look elsewhere. Sometimes, it just takes one bad experience to undermine what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t try to do too much with your business. Taking an overly broad approach will detract from what you do best. Focus on excellent customer service in just one area.

Focus, self-discipline, tenacity, and enthusiasm are your best assets if you want to make a splash in the sharing economy. Market your successes and emphasize service with every customer interaction. That’s how you get good word of mouth.


Guest Post: Dean Burgess - Excitepreneur


8 Ways The Millennial Physicians Are Using Passive Income To Retire Young & Wealthy in 2018


8 Ways The Millennial Physicians Are Using Passive Income To Retire Young & Wealthy in 2018

 8 Ways The Millennial Physicians Are Using Passive Income To Retire Young & Wealthy in 2018



Disclaimer: If you're a physician and plan on the traditional retirement plan at the age of 60 you should read this. 

As you know the day to day lives of physicians can be very demanding due to the enormous amount of responsibilities they carry. From the long nights working in the ER to the busy days at their own practice, does the physicians' day really end because they left the office? Not at all….

Doctors are usually working when they’re home as well, updating charts, following up on emails, and other admin tasks so much that they rarely get spend time with their family and friends. 

It’s also known that because of their profession, physicians are subjected to high financial and legal pressures at times, and nowadays no job or company is secure if you’re not securing it yourself by taking the necessary steps NOW to secure financial independence for your own future. For these very reasons, the millennial doctors are now looking at ways to make additional income so they can retire at younger ages, spend time with their family and make a reoccurring income.  

I’ve worked with many doctors online, and from what I’ve observed with the millennial's is they have a very busy lifestyle and hustle hard to achieve their goals...... Physicians hustle just as hard as any other rising or successful entrepreneur because they’re on a mission to retire young and wealthy with no financial worries for their future generation(s).  

Who doesn’t want to retire by the time they’re 40, plus earning the same amount of money they made in their day to day practices plus more than working full-time? If you're a millennial aged physician you know all about it because you're probably already leveraging this in your career path and it's no secret. PASSIVE INCOME is the new Donald Trump for your future's success. 

Millennial physicians are on their hustle now more than ever. They are leveraging side hustles to see their first multiple 7 figure year quicker with many lucrative passive income streams. 

The question is, what are these successful millennial doctors doing that's allowing them to retire at the young age of 40 and keep making reoccurring income and live comfortable for the rest of their lives? Passive Income!


Here's a list of a 8 passive income ideas from physicians we've interviewed

1. Own a Property and Rent It

Property is a great passive income and investment. All that's required is maintenance, great tenants, and a beautiful location. You can rent office spaces, apartments, homes and the list goes on. Not all people can do this due to the initial capital needed to buy the property. But the whole principle is easy: find a property, buy it, find a tenant and cash in. Is very simple. It might require more time and commitment at first, but the payoff can be very gratifying.

2. Create a Blog

A well created, written and published article can get the attention of many people. Imagine if you create that one article that goes viral. There you go! At first, it might be difficult to see a good size of income coming in, but if you are consistent and persistent, you will see earnings with your efforts. Most bloggers leverage affiliate marketing to make the majority of their proceeds. It will take a good amount of effort too, but if you are passionate about the topic, that will be the least important thing to worry about.

3. Develop an App

If you have an idea to solve a problem or to make day to day life easier for someone, and you know that's it's a needed service.....create it! Taking that idea and bringing it to reality is very much possible these days. If you have some knowledge of programming, you can try to do it yourself. But if you only have the million dollar idea, there are many programmers out there that can help you develop it.

4. Open a YouTube Channel

It is based on the same idea of the blog. YouTube has turned into one of the most visited social networks and many are monetizing with it. Many physicians create their own YouTube channels to make their knowledge reachable for more people. 

5. Podcasting

Podcasting can help you show off your expertise and you can monetize your podcast easily by incorporating the correct marketing strategy. 

6. Write and Publish a Book

You want to preserve and pass your knowledge to future generations right? Write on health-related topics, now is the time! Put together whatever you want to show to the world and publish it. These days you can use websites like Amazon to publish an e-book version of your book in a few steps. 

7. Create an online store

The easiest way to make passive income is online stores. Most of the drop shipping companies come turnkey. They only require a few hours hands on each month for admin activities, but you can hire a virtual assistant to do that for you.

Lastly, this is the newest wave in passive income for physicians, registered nurses, psychiatrists, health & wellness coaches, and pharmacist. 

8. Telemedicine

Telemedicine is taking over by popular demand. As it’s not as passive as having a published book or an app, but it does have the convenience of taking your work where you want, when you want. All that’s needed is privacy and your computer. Patients are seeing their doctors via video chat, and receiving consultations, referrals, and getting prescribed the medication they need all from the comfort of their home.

These are all ideas to take in consideration if you're a physician and ready to retire young, rich and live the life of your dreams.

It’s not hard to create a lucrative digital product that can become your instant retirement plan and start earning from your passive income. (Ask us how) 

It’s all about securing your future and working smarter not harder. If you are looking for ways to bring in additional income without doing additional work so you can simply spend more quality time with your loved ones instead of spending the whole day (or night) at work, you will not lose anything trying these options. And remember, the hardest part is making the time to start, the end result will be worth it.

Are you a physician and ready to take the next step in securing your future with passive income and need help creating a digital product? Setup a consultation with our marketing team today!

The moment you make passive income and portfolio income a part of your life, your life will change. Those words will become flesh.
— Robert Kiyosaki


6 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be Diverse In Bilingual Social Media Marketing


6 Reasons Your Business Needs To Be Diverse In Bilingual Social Media Marketing


As a business owner, we come across many different types of customers. Some customers come across as funny, others very serious about their business or some that don't know exactly what they need as far as social media marketing, but they do know they need something you offer. 

What happens when you Get a Spanish speaking “potential” client that needs bilingual social media management or bilingual digital marketing and they have the potential of being one of your largest clients globally? Do you let that go? No way. Now is the time to grow your virtual assistant team so you can offer bilingual digital marketing to your Clients. If you're currently not offering bilingual marketing services in your business yesterday was too late to start offering bilingual social media management. 

With the high ROI on digital marketing, sales funnels and SEO you shouldn’t limit your business to just English when the majority of the southwest are native Spanish speakers. Hispanic owned businesses in the US are over 3.3 million. Now is the time to get on board and be diverse in your marketing if you're an agency.  


6 Reasons You Should Offer Bilingual Digital Marketing & Business Services


1. Establishing a bilingual worldwide business presence on social media brings brand awareness
Ideally, having your business's presence online is the starting point when customers search for your business, products or services. Offering bilingual services in your business will help you exceed your marketing goals due to the fact that you’re adding more customers to your already customer base and more brand awareness.

2. Spanish speakers make up a huge market demographic
Are you leaving money on the table by only serving the English speaking market? If you do any type of international marketing or serve diverse areas you should do bilingual social media marketing, bilingual digital marketing, and bilingual virtual support. 

3. Grow your followers
The Hispanic population is rapidly increasing and now is the time to expand your business to tap into the Hispanic market to grow your audience, followers and increase business if you haven’t done so already. 

4. Beat Your Competition
Now is the time to leverage your expertise by offering services that your competitors don't. Yes, we know there are many virtual assistant companies out there. Yes, we know there are tons of digital marketing agencies online, but when have you seen a bilingual virtual assistant company or a bilingual digital marketing agency that has bilingual social media management? They’re some, but not many. This is how you beat your competition by offering services they don’t and you’ll have the competitive advantage over them when marketing your business. Lead by example if your competitors don’t offer a service, you offer it and pave the path for the future marketers.

5. Gain New Customers
By having a website available to nearly millions of people you’ll be showcasing your business not only locally but worldwide to your new market. When someone searches for a product or service that you offer online you’re opening the opportunity to gain new customers. Offering bilingual services has the potential of doubling your business. 

6. Target multiple audiences
You have the ability to target many different audiences and doing so is very cost effective when running nationwide marketing campaigns. The only thing needed for a successful marketing campaign is great translation and knowledge on what you’re marketing to ensure your campaigns are in front of the right audience. 

In conclusion, expanding your business to include a variety of services will gain your business new clients, bring brand awareness, and build a new following that you would'nt of have had before. If you’re looking to grow your business by offering bilingual marketing services and need the best digital marketing agency to help you execute an effective marketing plan that will give your business a good ROI, we invite you to a complimentary consultation. Click here to schedule now. 

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You Need Digital Products For The Survival Of Your Business In 2018.


You Need Digital Products For The Survival Of Your Business In 2018.

Digital products are by far the easiest way to bring passive income to your business and it’s something much needed to grow your brand, add value to your business, solve problems for your audience, grows your email list, and most importantly it brings another stream of income to your business. Who doesn’t like extra money?

Digital items have many benefits over physical products: no stock as well as no delivery.

You may assume that creating a digital product calls for a unique understanding of digital products but truthfully you already have what it takes to create your own successful digital product. The first thing you must realize is, digital products is a passive income stream.

What Is Passive Income

Passive income is any kind of stream of income to your brand or business where you're not trading bucks for hours.  Rather you're creating some kind of content that you're selling on a regular basis on your website, landing page, eBay, Amazon or the app store that is sold on autopilot and attached to a sales funnel.

Yes, in the end, passive income is easy income once you get all your funnels set up for it to be fully automated and all set up. Just know that the important part of any digital product is the structure behind your sales funnel. If setup properly you will only need to do small tweaks here or there. 

What Are Digital Products


Digital products are a way to bring reoccurring passive income into your business that doesn’t require daily maintenance or upkeep. Digital products are delivering products digitally to your customers, passively. Examples of digital products can be: Online courses, Photography, Tutorials, Services E-books, Apps, Games, Graphic Designs, Music, and Podcasts are all examples of digital products but there are a ton more. Simply think of digital products as a way of opening the door to worldwide sales to your products digitally in a way that your customers want it, and you're serving the need they're looking for by solving an immediate problem for them. 

What Are Advantages To Selling Digital Products?

There are several fantastic factors to market digital products-- primarily since it includes a stream of easy income for your business. For this factor, they're extra scalable compared to a traditional service design by offering a solution or physical item.

Because absolutely nothing physical is created or delivered to your customers, digital items are additionally much less costly to generate (in some cases totally free to generate depending upon the abilities you have as well as programs you currently utilize), so, therefore, they're adding less high-risk vs a physical product. Marketing digital products that are associated to existing items that you have or solutions you currently provide aids in the development and positions you as a specialist in your field as well as offer additional education and learning chances for your customers. 

Digital products add a ton of value to your business because you will not only be known for but recognized as the go-to person for “ X,Y,Z. “ Digital downloads are a billion dollar a year business and you should be apart of that too.


Having a digital product solves someones immediate problem and 90% of the time when someone faces a situation in their life that requires help they turn to Google and begin their search. Lucky for you with the proper keywords and SEO your digital product can be found online. For example, if someone searches Google for “how do I create a sales funnel”. Our page surfaces with our Sales Funnel Planner to teach them all about sales funnels and guide them step-by-step on creating the perfect sales funnel for their business and planning for it strategically. Digital products have many advantages other than monetary. 

Grow Your Email List With Digital Products

Think about the last thing you opted in to get. Remember it?

That's e-mail advertising done right of course. From blog owners to service providers, to online business owners, to entrepreneurs giving useful opt-ins is the very best way to massively grow your e-mail list. The more people you have on your list(s) the more digital items you’ll be able to sell later or just give away as an opt-in.

Almost all businesses benefit giving away opt-ins because it’s the easiest way to grow your e-mail lists. Whether you have actually been online for a day or for a year, having digital products (opt in’s) is an absolute must in order to start getting email addresses. You must, at the very least, start to aggressively GROW your e-mail list and most importantly you need to start yesterday.

Keep in mind: Your social media fans typically aren't likely to make you the most money, however, to get them off of social media and on a site that you own is key because then you have a better chance to acquire their email address by enticing them with an opt-in offer. Several blog writers, authors, and also business owners like you typically aren't accumulating e-mail addresses as well as are missing out on out on substantial passive income opportunities. 

The probability of selling to a new prospect
vs an existing customer
(New 5-20%)
(Existing 60-70%)

Take Aways

  • Digital products are passive income
  • Use a lead magnet similar to your product or another product that’s similar to the digital product you’re selling.
  • Digital products come in many forms
  • Digital Products can be monetized or used as a lead magnet
  • They solve problems
  • Grow your email list
  • You can showcase your expertise
People are searching now for what you know.png

Digital products are such a big deal because they bring unlimited income to your business and solve problems, and are used to grow your email list.

Digital products can be e-courses, e-books, how-to’s that people buy to produce immediate results. If you have a product that solves someone’s problem, let it make you money! There’s no limit to your income with passive income and digital products. 

If you have a digital product, post the link in the comments along with the name and a brief summary of the product. 

However, If you don’t have any digital products, opt-in’s or lead magnets we’d love to help you create the perfect product for your business. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and you too will soon have a digital product for your business that will bring you reoccurring passive income and we’ll also show you how to make passive income online. 


P.S. Every successful entrepreneur has multiple streams of income and they have both paid and free digital products.