3 Elements of a Landing Page That Converts!


3 Elements of a Landing Page That Converts!

3 Elements of a Landing Page That Converts!

A landing page is the online marketer’s magic wand. It is the primary tool for leading potential clients to your sales funnel, as well as the one thing that must persuade and convince them to willingly give you their email addresses. A landing page grants you permission not only to contact clients in the future but also to sell them things; Coaching, DIY courses, Affiliate offers and many other things you could think of selling. 

Does Your Landing Page Get You The Clients You Need? 

There are lots of average landing pages out there, and sadly it’s not always easy to tell the difference between a great landing page and the average ones.  But knowing what differentiates them makes it a lot easier.  

Take a good look at what your current opt-in offers with a critical eye and watch out for:


1. A Compelling Offer

You need something that will ultimately cajole a potential customer into joining your mailing list. Be it a free eBook, a resource guide or a short video training series. Heck, it might even be the promise of a weekly newsletter, but it has to be valuable enough to your target client. 

Also, the benefits of your offer must be stated clearly on the sales copy on your page. What will your reader gain from it? What’s in it for him or her? 

It’s vital that at this point, you know the difference between a product feature and its benefit. Your potential customers don’tcare if your eBook is 247 pages long; that’s a feature. The benefit is what sells it. In this case, the benefit could be that the reader will learn an easy way to save $150 per month on her mortgage payment. Now that’s something certainly worth giving up your email address!


2. A remarkable Call to Action

A call to action is the point where you ask your reader to take action.  Here you want them to fill in their names and email address and click on that button. Here it is important that you let them know what is accepted. 

The thing about great calls to action phrases is that they do not look like work (subscribe, join, learn; those all sound like too much trouble), they compel the reader to take the necessary next step. They look like this;

  • Download Now
  • Listen Now
  • Instant Approval

Utilizing an enticing call to action can mean the difference between a 3% and a 72% conversion rate. Hence it’s essential to pay proper attention to your call to action and also assess it to make sure it’s pulling in potential clients. 


3. Uses Analytics

The last but not the least is Analytics. It is impossible to improve what you don’t track, so ensure you are using some analytics on your squeeze page. Google Analytics is a great tool that can show you how many visitors you receive in a particular time frame. If you divide the number of opt-ins by the number of unique page visitors, that will tell you your conversion rate. 

Also, you can take it a step further by installing some split-testing software such as Google Webmaster Tools or LeadPages tracks analytics too. This software can serve half your visitors on one page, and the other half on a slightly different page. Compare the results, and keep the page with the higher conversion rate; then test again with a third version. 

It’s no longer advisable to depend on just having an opt-in form in your sidebar; times have changed. To achieve success in digital marketing you must take the time to create a landing page that makes a remarkably enticing offer, has a strong call to action, and then also continually test and tweak it to improve performance. If you do this; your funnel will fill itself— together with your coaching program. 


Need help designing a landing page? We can help!

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Ready To Launch A New Program? Now's The Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant!

Ready To Launch A New Program? Now's The Time To Hire A Virtual Assistant! 


Are you a busy business coach, online business owner, service professional, or consultant who’s building your empire by yourself, yet you feel like there’s never enough time in the day? Tired of the constant hustle and missing out on spending precious moments with your family because you have to work around the clock?

Enough is Enough!

It may finally be time for you to employ a Virtual Assistant (VA) once and for all. 
On-boarding a qualified savvy Virtual Assistant can make your next product (eBook, video, training course, etc.) or program a huge success. 

Why? Because a VA who’s worth his or her weight in gold can help to expedite your idea and start to put money in your pocket. 

How? A Virtual Assistant can make magic behind-the-scenes while you focus on taking over the world.  


These are just a fraction of the services a good VA can offer you:

Course Material Creation

Everyone knows how time-consuming research is. Not only that, but compiling and organizing said research can also be tedious and overwhelming. Why DIY this time-sucking task when you can delegate it to someone who can do it for you? 

Workbook and Manual Creation

Just like courses, workbooks and manuals involve a great deal of work. Doing the research, writing the copy, designing, formatting, proofreading…it’s a lot! Focus on what matters and allow your Virtual Assistant to make this happen for you. 

Lead Magnets

Once you have your product or program ready to go, your VA will advise you about how to get your ideal clients’ attention using a lead magnet, or freebie, that you can offer to initiate your sales funnel.  

Landing Pages and Sales Funnels

After you’ve figured out how to draw the customers in, have your VA create a killer landing page and effective sales funnel to get your audience to click the “BUY” button. A rock star Virtual Assistant will know exactly how to work potential clients using these vital tools. 

Webinar Slides

Oh, the drudgery of creating slides. This often necessary, yet laborious task, can easily be completed by a VA. Some Virtual Assistants even find it to be fun! 

Graphic Design

Facebook Ad images, social media images, banners, and more, all need to catch your customer’s eye. A great VA can take your content and wrap it up in a pretty package so your audience will be attracted to your brand. 

Audio and Video Editing

Often, this sort of work is best left to a third party. A Virtual Assistant can edit your raw material and make it beautiful and enticing to the eyes and/or ears of your target audience. 

Email Management

As a busy entrepreneur, you probably have an overflowing inbox. Let your VA take manage it for you. He or she can separate out the time-wasting spam and find the emails that matter. 

Original Content Creation

Some Virtual Assistants are copywriting pros. They know how to research relevant keywords and optimize your content so you’re easier to find and rank higher in searches. The written word is not everyone’s forte, so leave it in the hands of a VA copywriter. 

It’s time to start making some headway by using the services offered by a quality Virtual Assistant. 

Hiring a Virtual Assistant can help make your next launch a success. You won’t regret it!

Stop chasing your dream AND build your dream with Dream Team Virtual Assistant.

Do You Need An Experienced, Qualified And Reliable Virtual Assistant?

We help Business Coaches, Consultants, and Service Professionals brand & market their services so they can have a successful business they can be proud of.

Let’s brainstorm a plan for your business success together and see where we can streamline your business for the remaining year.  

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Thinking About Startup Success? Here is how to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2017


Thinking About Startup Success? Here is how to hire a Virtual Assistant in 2017

employment virtual assistant

The ideas of business owners using virtual assistants have gained lots of popularity in recent years. But hiring them might be one problem some business owners have. VA’s to some people is a lot of money. They begin to wonder why it’s always easy for some organizations to have good service delivery despite the fact that they have low staff population. This is a great job in the business industry and for you to be successful in the business world; you need a VA with skills, certification and ability to deliver, especially in the startup phase of your business.

Here are some of the advantages and challenges you might come across when hiring a VA:

Determine how a virtual assistant will suit your business needs.

First you need to figure out if your business will need a virtual assistant and the aspect where it is needed the most, and how they would benefit you. Don’t just assume that every aspect of your business can be run by a VA, because it can’t. To save cost and improve efficiency , write down your day to day duties and segregate the ones only you can do, such as writing content and write a list that someone else can do. The list that someone else can do is what you hire a VA for.

Understand the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer from an agency.

Hiring from an agency is very beneficial due to the fact that you have the agency behind you. If you hire a freelancer you may run into the problem of them taking on too many projects/clients at once and not being able to deliver as promised, down time, and not being experienced enough. Hiring a virtual assistant from an agency you will have a dedicated VA just for you. One might think that it’s more expensive to hire from an agency but the fact is, it’s not. If you decide to hire an agency VA, at the long-run you will discover that he spends more time on your work and you learn to save more as time goes on.

Do prep work to create a great job listing.

Make sure that you write a professional job listing when looking to hire a personal VA. Remember to add a call-to-action to your writing. This is needed because after you have posted it, someone who fully reads your listing will reply and not the wrong person. This allows you to find the best hand despite the fact you won’t be employing all.

Hiring the assistant.

Some freelance sites like Guru or Outsource.com allow you to bid for a VA. During this process, you sort out individuals who have spent so much time reading your listing. You can decide to respond to them by mail, video call or phone call. However working with a direct VA agency like [Dream Team Virtual Assistants]4, we do all the hiring for you. All you have to do is schedule a complimentary Business Success Session, to find out your needs and the agency then finds the perfect VA for you. We know your time is limited so no need to go back and forth with emails yourself, hire an agency to do it for you.

Managing the assistant.

To manage a VA might sometime be hectic but if you are the type that has the patience to arrange your daily schedule in a way that it will be easier to understand by the VA, in no time the virtual assistant will blend to your office work and it will be easier for both you to work together. Sharing your Google Drive might be necessary to allow your VA to have access your folders and use your passwords. You should be able to trust your VA to keep working while you are away, remember that’s why you hired them.

Always try to find enough time to meet your VA throughout the week. This is to enable you to build a cordial and lasting relationship.

Do You Need An Experienced, Qualified And Reliable Virtual Assistant?

We help Business Coaches, Consultants and Service Pro's brand & market their services so they can have a successful business they can be proud of.

Let’s brainstorm a plan for your business success together and see where we can streamline your business for the remaining 2017.  

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15 Marketing Tasks Your New Virtual Assistant Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Business in 2017


15 Marketing Tasks Your New Virtual Assistant Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Business in 2017

15 Marketing Tasks Your New Virtual Assistant Can Do To Drive Traffic To Your Business for 2017

Are you to the point in your business that you just realized you can’t do it all by yourself in order for you to achieve the goals you originally set out for yourself, so you're NOT working harder but working smarter? 

While you’re on the hunt looking to hire a virtual assistant the best thing to do is make a list of all the things that you don’t know how to do, and that’s what you’re looking when on-boarding virtual assistant. 



Short of being able to fetch your coffee for you, having a Virtual Assistant (VA) is almost exactly the same as having an in-office administrative assistant. A VA can take care of any admin tasks that are nothing but a nuisance to a busy business owner. Whether it’s scheduling your meetings, booking travel arrangements, maintaining your spreadsheets, or following up with clients, a Virtual Assistant can make your life easier.


Want to get your message across, but the written word is not your forte? Having a professional, seasoned copywriter Virtual Assistant in your arsenal can help ensure that your website and landing pages are always updated with original content. Knowledge of SEO, keywords, and Google ranking is essential in blogging, and virtual assistants have the expertise to incorporate this know-how into their writing. 



Social media management can be complete drudgery for many business owners, who simply lack the time or desire to “play the game”. In today’s online world, engaging your audience is absolutely essential, and a virtual assistant can manage your accounts for you so you can keep your eyes on the prize. Virtual Assistants have the time and skills to grow your audience and keep them coming back for more. 


4. SEO

SEO, or “search engine optimization” is paramount in helping your ideal clients find you online. A virtual assistant knows how to research and incorporate relevant keywords and phrases within your copy and content to attract prospects to your website and to rank your website with Google., giving you a leg up on your competition, and potentially increasing your conversion rate as a result.



Having great content is a good start, but unless it’s strategically promoted, your target audience may struggle to find it. A Virtual Assistant will work hard creating copy to market the content for you while you’re busy building your empire. 



A Virtual Assistant can write and design stellar emails to send to your clients as often as you’d like. Virtual Assistants always include a relevant call-to-action to drive traffic to your business and help convert your copy into sales.



Virtual Assistants are skilled in graphic design and experts in keeping things consistent with your branding. Whether you’re in need of email, infographic, custom web page design, logo, photo, promotional, Facebook covers or social media design, a VA can help.  



Websites are where potential clients go to learn all about your business and consider patronizing you. A Virtual Assistant can build a user-friendly, dynamic, comprehensive, beautiful website for you to showcase what you have to offer the world. 



Every business needs to build their current email list, and landing pages are the best way to do that. Using Leadpages or any landing page, a Virtual Assistant can craft the perfect landing page that captures leads into your sales funnel to build your list. Lead generation is essential in our current fast-paced, short-attention-span world, and a VA can make it happen for you!



Just about everyone’s scrolling through Facebook for hours each day, and what better opportunity to capture new clients that by advertising on this popular platform? A Virtual Assistant Facebook Ad pro knows how to easily and effectively advertise your business can really help you build your business with Facebook Ads. 



A Virtual Assistant can also create a captivating intro to videos, edit audio, and podcasts for your audience to enjoy.This time-consuming task is best left to a VA when you’re knee-deep in making your dreams come true. 



Content-rich eBooks are an excellent way for you to make passive income or build your email list and a Virtual Assistant can help you with this. Give a copywriter VA your words and she or he will turn them into a potential best-seller. While creating an eBook may sound easy, there are technical elements involved that a VA can help you with. 



They say that “the money’s in the list”. When your ideal clients choose to receive emails from you, all the easier for you to make the sale. A Virtual Assistant can craft a savvy opt-in for you to use on your landing page, website or on your blog to build your email list.  (Hook, line, and sinker) 



Presentations are still relevant in the business world and A Virtual Assistant can assist in creating the perfect slides for you to use to keep your audience engaged, informed, and maybe even a little entertained for webinars or speaking events! 



Research is extremely time-consuming, but Virtual Assistants love to do it and can save you precious moments by taking over this tedious task for you. 

Below we've added an infographic of "15 Marketing Tasks Your New Virtual Assistant Can Do to Drive Traffic to Your Business for 2017", please feel free to share it on your blog. We only ask that you link it back to our blog post. 

If you are on the hunt for a great Virtual Assistant to help you with marketing your business, I’d like to invite you to a complimentary Business Strategy Session where we can go over all areas of your business and see how hiring a virtual assistant can help your business growth.

If it’s your first time working with a VA, let me explain how a Virtual Assistant can help your business grow. Schedule your call today.


*Please note some of the links on this website may be affiliate links. Which means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we may receive an affiliate commission as their “thank you” for sending you their way.






Branding: How To Build Brand Awareness


Branding: How To Build Brand Awareness




Presently I have over 10 people working with me in one department or the other, and they are all virtual assistants. Few of them live close to me, while some are far away from me. This has not stopped us from working together and achieving great success. With some really cool software that are in vogue, work has been very smooth and stress free. I’d love to share these 5 tools with you in you find efforts of working with a virtual assistant. You will need these tools to keep business activities in check.

1. [Basecamp] This is a web based project management tool. It is very simple to use. It allows us to store all the files, due dates, tasks, and discussions with the necessary project. We use it for our everyday activities, open ended projects (e.g., accounting) to a one-time (e.g., speaking seminar, new book launch, and video shoots and presentation). I discovered that most remote workers and virtual assistants are used to Basecamp and use it with their clients.

2. [Dropbox] Sharing files with one another is very easy with this tool. It just keeps improving every day. Whenever you sync your file to Dropbox, it becomes available to your co-workers or clients though folder sharing. It’s easy and simple to use. In fact, most of my documents are synched with Dropbox, so sharing file at any time without having to move any folder is now conveniently easy. It also works as a backup system.

3. [Google Calendar] This type of calendar is web based. It enables me to share my dates and engagements with my co-workers or colleagues. Calendars can be broken down into sub-calendars (e.g., project deadlines, speaking engagements, appointments and media interviews, etc.) and then make sure the categories are shared with the relevant worker. This allows my workers to know my engagements to there won’t be a case of double booking.

4. [GroupMe] This is a terrific iPhone app and also a web-based application. Group chat is what it has been designed for. Tele-seminars and live events can’t be easier if GroupMe hadn’t come to the rescue. There is always an everyone to everyone real time communication It’s not stressful when you use GroupMe, it has wiped out the age of normal text massages away. You also have the ability to send large messages to those within your contact or group.

5. [LastPass] This is a password management program that allows the sharing of my login credentials and passwords with my co-workers while without putting myself at risk of password hacking. This information can be communicated in two ways. If I give out my password, they can see it and then use it. Sharing my password makes it unmasked meaning that they can’t see it but can use it. If you always have a second thought about sharing information that is personal, most especially login credentials, this application is the best. Though in most cases it is not secure—a very knowledgeable programmer can still get your password after it has been masked but a rookie at work won’t find it easy.

Lastly, make sure you update your software so that you can keep up with current trends of their activities. These are some of the tools that we use in our business and we recommend them because they work for the Dream Team Virtual Assistants. Comment below the software tools you use in your business.

We help Business Coaches, Consultants, and Service Professionals brand & market their services so they can have a successful business they can be proud of.

Let’s brainstorm a plan for your business success together and see where we can streamline your business with the help of virtual assistance.  

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5 Apps For Online Business Owners


5 Apps For Online Business Owners


Mindset: Are You Ready For Your First Business?


Mindset: Are You Ready For Your First Business?