The Dream Is Free, But The Vision Is Sold Separately


The Dream Is Free, But The Vision Is Sold Separately

I was reading this blog from Dell, and I got inspired! They are so right! When we put our red lipstick and our mind to something, we are unstoppable even in 4-inch heels or higher. We have a unique approach to business and success because we are, by nature, creators. Women were born to give life. In modern times we don’t only give life to other humans, but we use our creative power to give life to dreams, ideas and change the world around us, with grace.

However, to move that from the simple stage of dreams into hardwood reality we need to put in the work. That is what you need to think about when you hear that the dream is free, but the vision is sold separately.

Be bold, but specific and reasonable!

When we think about vision, we love to say that it is a wireframe for the dream. Since the vision outlines what you are about to do, it needs to be as bold as possible, so you have enough room to fulfill all your desires.

Look at some of these extraordinary visions from top companies and get inspired. You don’t have to be IKEA to create a better life for many people; you can have a daycare and do exactly that. Also, you don’t have to be JetBlue to inspire humanity in the air and on the ground, you can be a great personal coach and achieve the same goal.

Once you have set your mind to something, think backward. Envision the company of your dreams at its peak and think about ways to get there. If you feel you need some clarity, you might find it helpful to get a mentor.

Ask for help! The 80/20 rule

The biggest mistake most ladies make when becoming entrepreneurs is striving to do everything on their own. You are not less of a fierce boss babe if you ask for help and if you delegate what is not your core strength. In fact, joining forces with other boss ladies makes everybody’s businesses grow faster and stronger.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. It takes another village to grow a business, just choose your tribe’s members wisely.

Put an exclamation mark next to all the things you don’t feel 100% confident on doing yourself. If you have 80% of the tasks marked, you are on the right track because the 80/20 rule says that only 20% of the things you do bring 80% of your income, the others are just slowing you down.

It doesn’t matter if you want to write a book or just better manage social media, there is always good help available. If you're going to honor your God-given gifts, bring them to the world. Sometimes that even means investing money to get more money back from your business.

Don’t let yourself be trapped in daydreaming without taking action.


Master The Game Changer Within


Master The Game Changer Within

Change...the only constant in our life. Paradoxically, isn't it? Before going any further, just take a moment to think about it. If you compare your life to 10 or even five years ago are all things the same? Most probably not. We are in constant evolution, and we must embrace change as part of it. Mastering the "change mindset" means finding ways to be in control, instead of just going with the flow.

Becoming a GAME CHANGER means taking your strong points and using them in innovative ways that others haven't done before that gets noticeable & remarkable results.  Moreover, if you think this is difficult to do, take a look at these three ladies who have really changed the game for themselves and women in general.

Nadja West

When you say, US Army Surgeon General, the first image that comes to your mind is probably not that of an African American woman who was adopted as a child. However, Nadja West is just that. She is also the first female general decorated with 3 stars and she continuously exceeded all expectations. Nadja is a  living inspiration for the women who complain that it is still a man's world out there.
So next time you think that your background is not good enough, your family maybe didn't provide you with the right opportunities take a deep breath and dream about being the Nadia of your activity sector.

Bethany Hamilton

Most ladies would quit a job which endangered their health and life. In fact, some would quit a job even if the coffee is not good enough. How many of you would return to a situation which almost killed you, left you without an arm and all this when you were just a teenager?

Bethany, a professional surfer who survived a shark attack when she was just 13, returned on the board just a year later, winning the first place on a national competition.

If you have the heart of a winner, like Bethany, you will become a game changer by clicking what is negative in your life and turning it around, giving back to the world. For example, because she is an amputee, she created her foundation offering hope and encouraging young people with the same condition to overcome their situation and their limits.

Malala Yousafzai

A GAME CHANGER is fearless. As fearless as Malala was as a girl living under the Taliban regime aiming to criticize the position of the woman in such a society and to take a stand for the education of girls.
Another lesson Malala can teach any game changer is forgiveness. She said that even if she had a gun pointed at the man who shot her she would not use it. This is true power.

The last lesson for Malala for all game changers is to never take anything for granted. As long as you believed that something could be changed for the better, make it your life's goal.
We hope that we have inspired you to dream beyond your daily existence and see that change can be born in the most surprising places.

Let’s change the game together.


Sales Funnels & Why You Need Them For Your Brand


Sales Funnels & Why You Need Them For Your Brand

Sales funnel template for your business presentation Sales funnel template for your business presentation

Sales funnels - you've heard of them, probably even click a few yourself and in the best case, you were convinced to buy. Take a moment and think about the last sales funnel you have visited. What made you buy that time? Probably it has to do with the confidence and trust inspired by the company because the role of a sales funnel is to turn a cold lead into a warm one.

As a coach, you need a sales to funnel because the process of acquiring a client is a long one and you have to earn their trust step by step. Of course, you can create your own sales funnel, but as we are about to explain this is a lengthy and time-consuming process especially in the beginning.

Create Awareness

The first one is awareness. You need to get your name out there and make people know about you and your business. Since this is a matter of trust, you must offer a great deal of free content which is useful to your ideal client

This is the most time consuming and the less financially effective step evening of the whole process. Unfortunately, without quality content, it's impossible to get noticed by the ideal clients.

You must talk about the pain points and problems your client is most likely to have and offer some guidance regarding possible solutions. The inside you give should be enough to position yourself as a specialist, without providing the exact steps but only an overview.

At this point, be sure to create varied types of content including blog posts, video, social media, and even podcasts.

If you know your proposition and values by heart, the best idea is to outsource the creation of this type of content to give you more time to focus on existing clients and your core product.

Create Your Lead Magnet

A special kind of content you need in your sales funnel is the lead magnet. This is a gift from you to your ideal client to help them get closer to solving the problem.

However, there is a trick. In this document, you will get as close as possible to solve the main issue without giving the whole solution. What was on quick wins and attractive graphical presentation. The best lead magnets include checklists, infographics, cheat sheets, how-to’s, ebooks, organizers, and more.

A great lead magnet has some high-quality information but also looks stunning. Designing this sort of document is very time consuming, and you might not have the necessary abilities, software or patience to create it yourself. Outsourcing this step can save you valuable hours for research or client time.

Sell your products

As your prospect starts to get to know you and to trust you more, it is time to reach for the wallets. The best advice, push to start gradually with a low-end product/service and then work your way towards your core product (high ticket item).

People are more likely to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on training programs after they invested $20 of $50 on a product which surpassed their expectations, and they have trust in you.


Are you ready to focus on creating killer training programs without worrying about the daily grinding? Download this guide: All About Product Funnels for Coaches



How well do you really know your ideal client?


How well do you really know your ideal client?

A successful business relationship has a lot in common with a successful personal relationship. It’s all about trust, mutual respect and striving to please the other person by taking into consideration their preferences and avoiding their dislikes at all costs.

First of all, it’s important to understand that you can’t be in a relationship with everybody. You need to select only those people whom you resonate with and who, at their turn, resonate with you. We’ve mentioned the ideal client before and described ways to create the user persona.

This time we want to go a bit further than the usual demographic and sociographic and even beyond writing the story of your user personas. After these text-book exercises, try to think about the match between this Price Charming of your business dreams and the toads in real life.

Location, Location, Location

After taking into consideration all your desires regarding the ideal client, do you think you can find it in the places you are looking for them? It might sound like a no-brainer, but you have to be where your clients are. If you are coaching moms, you have to advertise at kids’ activity centers. If you want to sell to billionaires, you’d better upgrade your golf moves and if you target teenagers, but you don’t do  Insta stories, you might be on the wrong track. Hang out where your clients are in their natural habitat.

Get Personal

Even if you are writing a newsletter that will be distributed to thousands of readers, they should never feel that.  Knowing your ideal client means crafting your words like you would write a love letter to the one and only who is your reason to wake up in the morning.

Treating communication like this helps your message cut through the noise created by online advertising. It is also a good idea to create several variants of the newsletter, tailor-made for each of the user personas you have in your portfolio.

What Makes Them Tick

Winning hearts and wallets is all about understanding the mindset of your client. You need to take a deep dive among their fears, childhood passions and personal values. Tapping into these dark corners of their personalities makes them more likely to spend more.

The general guideline should be to stir some emotional connection, to create a link. Never allow your clients to choose you solely on price, or you set yourself for losing business quickly. Be an Apple, not a cheap Chinese alternative.

Find someone who is as close as possible to your ideal client and ask for feedback, even pay them as counselors. If you don’t have time to survey anyone and ready to identify “who” your ideal client is TODAY, download this guide on How To Identify Your Ideal Client


Having A SOP In Your Coaching or Consulting Business Is A Essential Tool


Having A SOP In Your Coaching or Consulting Business Is A Essential Tool

As incredible as it might sound, a century ago “Made in Japan” meant quite the opposite of the quality seal we think about today. All that changed after WWII. Part of the reconstruction plan included standardizing the production. The lesson to be learned here is that standards create quality and replicability.

What are SOPs?

Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) are sets of rules which dictate how you operate as a business. These are instructions which help you train your people and continue running in case of illnesses, unplanned leave or other chaos situations.

As a coach, you know the things can get hectic. That is precisely why you need always to know who is in charge of what and how things are getting along.

You don’t have to think it’s complicated. A standard operating procedure is simply a list describing who is responsible, what are the expected outcomes, the milestones of the project any resources necessary as well as the skills which are required, and, eventually, the place where the task is performed.

The document also includes a step by step description of the actions to be performed together with the expected performances or results. To create an SOP, you need to walk through the entire process as you would explain it to a newcomer. The significant advantage is that you only have to do this once.

Why Do You Need SOPs In Place?

Creating an SOP is a useful exercise for any entrepreneur. It gives you the opportunity to test if your process is clear, if you have a good understanding of the necessary resources, and if you are aware of all the intermediary steps. This gives you great insight into counseling your clients too.

You might be tempted to say that your business is too small for SOPs. Even if you are the sole owner working with one virtual assistant or more, you can still reap the benefits. Imagine that you have to change VAs. Instead of wasting time and money or training them how to process email, schedule your appointments, or book your vacations, you just send them the SOPs and check if they understood.

Of course, SOPs are most useful in large organizations. Having these documents in place makes managerial decisions more comfortable and less biased.

Not Set In Stone

It's important to understand that Sops should be flexible. Take your time to review them annually and identify any necessary changes updates. Having sops in place shouldn't hinder your development but provide guidance.

Sops shouldn't stop your stuff for from being creative but offered them the comfort of knowing that they are doing the right thing. The final goal is consistency and quality. You can say that the SOP is the recipe which ensures your success.