Bath & Body Works Sales Funnel - The Secret to Their Billion Dollar Funnel


Bath & Body Works Sales Funnel - The Secret to Their Billion Dollar Funnel

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Bath & Body Works Sales Funnel - The Secret to Their Billion Dollar Funnel


It all starts when Bath & Body Works sends you an ad in the mail. The front of the cheerful, brightly colored postcard catches your eye and piques your interest, and on the back are coupons, which read:

One Free Fun Size Signature Item - No Purchase Necessary (Lead Magnet)
20% off Your Entire Purchase (Tripwire)
$10 off Your Purchase of $30 or More (Upsell) 
This is one of Bath & Body Work's advertisements that come in the mail

This is one of Bath & Body Work's advertisements that come in the mail


Let’s take a closer look at their sales funnel process.

When Bath & Body Works earns your trust by getting you through the door in the first place (Landing Page), you’re not even aware that you’re becoming a part of their sales funnel. The free gift (Lead Magnet) also know as the irresistible offer. We all know that Bath & Body Works has some deliciously scented hand sanitizers, soaps, perfumes, mists, lotions, shower gels, plug-ins, etc. They know that they just need to coax you in and their products will practically sell themselves. 

In order to entice someone to opt-in on your landing page (Leadpages), you must have an irresistible offer - something that makes it worth it for them to give you their email address in exchange. 

Once you're in the store, you’re intrigued by all the wonderful aromas. You begin to imagine how much better your house would smell with this candle, or how lovely that body spray would be to wear the next time you go out with the girls. So, you decide to purchase a candle and some sweet smelling body spray, and on the way to the register, you grab your free fun size lotion (Lead Magnet). Remember…that’s why you went to their store in the first place! 

You’re finally ready to check out. The cashier rings up your purchase and scans your coupons, but before she takes your money, she asks, “May I have your email address for future promotions and coupons?” (Yes you just opted into their sales funnel)


Bath & Body Works Sales Funnel Breakdown 


  1. Receive coupons and/or offer for free item (Lead Magnet - Attract - Covert) 
  2. Go to the store to get “just” the free item, see something else you want to buy (Tripwire - Convert)
  3. Give email address at register when asked (Call To Action - Engagement)
  4. Receive coupons in your bag for the following month (Lead Magnet - Awareness)
  5. Tell friends and family about your new fragrance when asked (Brand Awareness - Trust Building)
  6. Get an email the following week about new products and/or a sale (Awareness - Engagement)
  7. Go back to buy the entire set of the body spray you previously purchased (Upsell)
  8. Check out and receive more coupons in your bag (Lead Magnet - Awareness)
  9. Receive an email several weeks later about the semi-annual 75% off sale (Awareness - Engagement)
  10. Go back again and purchase something for friends/family members (Upsell - Sales)
  11. Check out and receive more coupons in your bag (Lead Magnet - Awareness)


Lather. Rinse. Repeat. 


I remember taking an online business & marketing program “Hustle Fearlessly”, and my coach Fabiola Giordani advising me that, “if you want them to opt-in on your landing page you must have an irresistible offer for them, your lead magnet must solve a problem, and it must be something of value." Hmmmmmm, gave me a lot to think about when it come to Bath & Body Works sales funnel. I can see why Bath & Body Works uses coupons, and especially the free fun size item (Lead Magnet), to get potential customers in the door - it’s something we all need, it’s irresistible, and it has worth.

Check this out ladies!! A FREE beautifully scented, fun size lotion for your purse. We could all use that! You can’t beat that deal! 

If you think about the entire sales funnel process, it’s brilliant! 

Here’s The Sales Product Awareness Funnel Scenario: 

You have your lotion in your purse, courtesy of  Bath & Body Works you take it out and use it, and someone nearby says, “That smells so good! Where did you get that? What’s the product’s name?” 


Bath & Body Works just landed another customer with that one free item that they gave you. (Lead Magnet - Awareness) The free lotion leads people to the store using the KLT (Know-Like-Trust) factor, brand awareness, and a superior product line.

Think about that cycle - very effective sales funnel $$$.

Tips for Your Sales Funnel:

  • Have an irresistible offer
  • Make sure you have superior products or services that people will talk about
  • Email your list regularly with sales, offers, and new products

If you’re ever in doubt about your own sales funnel, consider how Bath & Body Works does it and mimic their methodology. The most important part is staying in touch with your customers. List-building, and emailing to that list regularly, is a critical part of the sales funnel. 

I hope you found this Bath & Body Works sales funnel breakdown to be fun and informative. It works! Use it! This is the same sales funnel they’ve used for ages. If anyone knows how long Bath & Body Works has been using this sales funnel, comment below and let me know.

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What many entrepreneurs and business leaders speak about if they are giving examples of where they failed, it’s most often a people related issue.

They failed in choosing the right person and it cost them dearly.
I’ve been through a couple of startups and business partnerships.
I’ve done the mistake of not using enough time to 'date' the business partner.

I’ve spoken with many business leaders...
And I’ve spoken with many entrepreneurs these past couples of years...
And what comes up most often is how important it is to have the same vision...

You have an issue

To be aligned, to be on the same mission.
If you believe in the power of growing your company online
and your business partner thinks it digital is a buzz word that should be discussed in strategic meetings but not so often deployed,
then you have an issue and it won’t go away.

You have a problem


If you want to build a company and your business partner
wants to take things as they come and not really anticipate that much or strategize, then you have a problem you need to deal with ASAP.

Transparent communication is key. You need to find out what
drives the other person and what gives them energy, before you commit to delivering on co-creating and co-delivering what your clients want to have.

Because if you don't agree, it will suck energy out of you,
your partner and your business!!!

Here is what you need to have checked off before you sign
the dotted line on the partnership agreement:

  • Does your vision and purpose align with the vision and the purpose of your business partner?
  • Are you pulling in the same direction?
  • Do you like your business partner?
  • Are you interested in spending more time with your business partner than anyone else? You will be working a lot!
  • Are you able to reach an agreement when you disagree?

Based on my own experience, I have created this workbook that will help you gain clarity in your vision based on your talents and your purpose. Get the Entrepreneur insights by downloading this workbook today!


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Guest Author: Tonje Elisabeth Aaroe, Founder of Growthitude

Growthitude helps clients execute their digital business strategy by providing the tools and resources needed to excel their company with implementing of a successful business strategy, that will, in turn, engage their whole workplace with innovation.



Ready to make some money with affiliate marketing?


Ready to make some money with affiliate marketing?


Affiliate marketing is presumably the best methods on how to earn money online. A great number affiliate marketers mostly benefit from a full-time wage at least, some get to be rich off what appears like the ideal home business. 

In case you’re new to affiliate marketing, actually this system of earning money includes selling and promoting different people products through a specific link. The awesome thing is you don't have to own a website to get going. With affiliate marketing, everything is provided for you to get going. 

Presently, the difference between an unsuccessful and successful affiliate marketer lies in their knowledge, they need to promote those products or services on the web. Numerous new affiliate marketers fail because of lack of ability.

Taking another look at earning money easily from affiliate marketing, even in your leisure time or while you are sleeping, is basic if you truly want to be your own boss and carry on with your life with no one breathing down your neck. You might have note some various ways one can start earning money online, but the fact of the matter is that affiliate marketing beats every one of them. There are heaps of amazing riches to generate from affiliate marketing, but if only you can get some time out and find how simple this system is. 

It’s imperative to note that before you start to earn money from affiliate marketing, there is some hard work that is waiting for you when starting, however it gets to be simple once you get sailing. This is not out of the ordinary due to the fact that there are usually ground-clearing work to be done before a house is built. Knowing the rudiments of affiliate marketing is extremely crucial in light of the fact that it will help you to discover your feet faster and begin making the sort of income you never longed for. 


The principal thing you ought to know is that affiliate marketing involves registering for the marketing of services or products that were made by others. Doing this wouldn't be futile because some pre-agreed sum of cash will be deposited to your affiliate account when any prospect buys the product through your specific affiliate link. 

The following question ought to be the way to publicize the affiliate links that will generate traffic to the seller's doorstep. One thing you can never wish away is the way that you must be prepared to advertise or promote your affiliate links with all you have got. The more visible the links are to people that are interested in any affiliate service or product you’re promoting, the higher the chance of such individuals purchasing and this will continue sending sales commissions into your affiliate record. 


In the event that you truly desire to earn money from affiliate marketing, you need to know the most ideal methods for choosing the affiliate products that sell well. You ought to analyze what is hot in the niche as of now because there are numerous reasons to accept that individuals are spending their money there. Choose the affiliate services or products that are most profitable and start to marketing with everything you got on the web. Note that much of the time, you are not obliged to pay any cash before joining any affiliate marketing platform. You might essentially be requested that fill some form and begin choosing the affiliate services or product you like to promote. 

You’ll probably earn money from affiliate marketing but you ought to have the capacity to discover the relevant keywords that relate with the service or product you’re promoting, so that your affiliate marketing webpages will start to rank high in the search engines. This is one certain method for getting increase website traffic and thereby boosting your possibilities of affiliate sales conversions.

Affiliate Marketing Ideas:



Launch 27




Deposit Photos

Myecover Maker

Creative Market


Mighty Deals

Start slow, figure out what product/program works for your brand and sell it. I do my affiliate marketing based off of products that work and have proven results. When I do this, it's not much like selling if the sale naturally comes to me because it's a product I stand behind and believe in. 

Give it a try for a week, and email me how it worked for you. :) 




*A portion of the connections above are subsidiary connections, which implies that on the off chance that you make a buy, I will got a commission. This commission comes at no extra cost to you.






The feeling of seeing your name in print and having your ideas read worldwide is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. These days one doesn’t need to be a Shakespeare or a Dickens to have a book out there; heck you do not even need to go through the editors and publishing houses as the process has been made remarkably easy. I know this from first-hand experience as I published four books this past week.

I keep getting emails asking how I manage to publish books so easily, and that is why I decided to write this post. The steps I have shared below can empower anyone to publish their books via Kindle, and these are the most straightforward steps you can find anywhere; following them could mean having your book published by the end of the day.

First and foremost, you must know that although there are other options out there; I found that the Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is the easiest to use. It’s entirely free and gives you up to 70% royalty on every sale.  Find the steps below;

Step 1: Create your Account

Visit and create an account by clicking on the: sign up” link. Keep in mind that you may need to provide some personal information including your bank details which will be used to send your royalties earned from your book sales.

Step 2: Proceed to your KDP dashboard

Once you have created your account, the next step will be to go to your dashboard; from here you can add any books you have written, gain access to relevant reports and figures, preview the Kindle publishing community, etc.

Step 3:  Add your book title and subtitle


The title and subtitle should elaborate a little on what your book is about so your readers will know what they will be getting out of reading it.  For better result; it is advisable to use keywords that are often searched for in your niche to increase your book visibility.

Step 4: Add descriptions:

creative space

Keep in mind that this is your readers’ first taste of your content. Hence you should ensure it is well written, engaging and explanatory enough to give your readers a good insight into what they are about to encounter. Also, remember to add all of the relevant facts about your book such as 

  • The title 
  • Is it a part of a series/sequences? 
  • Edition number
  • The publisher info
  • The description 
  • Contributors and publication date

Step 5:  Choose a book category

self publishing

With the Amazon KDP, you have an option to choose between two categories as well as add seven keywords. Keywords are crucial and must be picked carefully as the right keyword/category can push your book up the search pages. It is your keywords that determine how easy it is for someone to find your book via search; I recommend mixing in short and long words also. 


Step 6  Add Your Book Cover

how to create a book cover

Remember the expression: never judge a book by its cover? It appears most people disregard that as your book cover determines whether a potential reader buys or even previews your book. You can create a book cover yourself, or you can hire a professional book cover designer, your choice.  Thanks to numerous freelance sites today, it is now easy to find someone to design a deluxe cover for you at a decent price.

STEP 7: Time to upload your book


Here we have the easiest process. Just choose whether you want to enable digital rights management, and then select the book from your computer or a storage device; then click upload. Amazon accepts a wide variety of book formats including word, HTML, pdf, plain text, etc.

Step 8: Preview Your Book

Once uploaded, you should click on “preview” to see if your book displays well on the platform. Keep in mind that this online preview is precisely how the book would appear when someone clicks on it to preview or buy it. I would recommend you preview it page by page to make sure every page appears right.


Step 9:  Choose Your Royalty


At last, we have gotten to the money part; you can select the price of your book and then choose either 35% or 70% of that price as a royalty. If your book sells between $0.99 and $200.00, you may select the 35% royalty, but if your book is priced between $2.99 and $9.99, then you can choose the 70% royalty. I often advise people to lower their book price to gain more sales at the beginning, and then raise their price over time. 

Congratulations!! you are on your way to becoming a published author whose book sells on the most prominent publishing platforms worldwide. Also, note that it takes anywhere between 12-48 hours for your book to become available to customers after uploading, although you will get an e-mail from Amazon once your book goes live.

There you go, you are now a published author; sit back, watch the dollars roll in and thank me later.



Hey.... do me a favor, If you found this article useful share it with a friend, share it on social media, and comment below your take-aways. 


Create a list. Build an audience. Expand your reach.


Create a list. Build an audience. Expand your reach.

Your listing building genesis starts with YOU, not your profound customers. There are diverse ways to begin building your email list. You may need to create a attractive website, persuasive landing pages, valuable opt-in's, and other creative sources with concrete material that enables you to ask your visitors for their email address. When I started my journey in this business, I had no insight of this process or it’s major importance in the marketplace as a recipe to build my business. Later I found out that if you don't have a email list, all you have is an expensive hobby.

Just by reading the keyword “List Building”, it may give you a thought that building a list is just an extra job you have to add to your current everyday routine, however, a magnificent list could raise your company's brand-new heights. You could create a much higher useful lists compared to when you began the business and continue to grow your visitors as prospective customers with the right sales funnel in place. When you generate your very own list rapidly, you can identify the importance you bring to your customers and your marketplace, but most importantly you will see a ROI.

It was while my business was in the growing stage that it occurred to me that using my skills taught to me by the best mentors, helped me put things in place. In learning this act of list building I have been able to turn my hurdles into simplicity which now gives my work the smartness it needs and also continue to develop my digital businesses and remove years of the learning curve that was posing as a potential threat to my business. You don't need to struggle when everything you need to learn is right at your fingertips.

This is feasible for you as well if you are dedicated to growing your company brand and expanding your reach to the online business world. I learned a lot from my mentors to stay true to what the business needs truly are and that simplicity does take it on a long journey.

Discovering more ways to list build and making good use of my knowledge is a super feeling I wish to share with other business owners. List building could skyrocket the way you interact with your customers, blow up your sales, help you have a profitable sales funnelconversion of sales, client satisfaction, and the total brand. Take the recipe out of the skill you have acquired today and start developing your brand today. I hope this helps

So, what comes after when you build your list?

Now that you are aware of the importance of building an email list, how do you plan to get started?

Here’s what you must learn to do:

1. Get the best email service provider (like Active Campaign, Mailchimp etc). If you are on a low budget, Mailchimp can still do the magic but it has limited advantages. (Note: Mailchimp can allow you get up to 2000 subscribers-free, and Active Campaign $9 light plan is awesome.)

2. Create a stylish signup form or landing page from Leadpages. It needs to be colorful (actions colors, trigger to buy colors) and not professionally ugly. If your website doesn’t have a definite opt-in form, then you’re missing a lot  of possibilities there.

3. Lastly, offer an irresistible incentive. This can be a free eBook or a free workshop download — whatever your customers would find lots of value in. It’s a professional“ bribe” that paves way for you to reward prospective subscribers with something better other than just your normal content.

With these, you will discover the rare gift your business has received in a little period of time and you can be on a long way to cashing out your gain and keeping your business alive with regular signups. 


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