The Benefits of Local SEO for a Startup/Small Business


The Benefits of Local SEO for a Startup/Small Business

If you think that advertising is just for big companies and you can’t afford that, think again. In fact, a small business doesn’t have the luxury to skip a good marketing strategy. When you are on a shoestring budget, you need to put on a guerilla war. In this battle, you need to stick close to home, and your customers are your best allies.

Leveraging the power of local SEO service in Atlanta means getting your message to those people who are most likely to walk in your store and buy. However, they can’t do that if they don’t even know you exist. Here are the top 5 reasons you need to implement SEO and a few ideas how to do it. For a more hands-on approach, you can always work with a the best SEO consultant Atlanta has to offer.

1. Show you are a legitimate business

Basic local SEO means filling in your contact information and location details on all available platforms. You need to be on Google maps, Google My business, Facebook and other relevant platforms such as Instagram, TripAdvisor and many others.

When they need something, users tend to search online and trust more the companies which appear organically on the first positions. How can I get my business to the top of Google? To get to the top of any of the search engine’s  list, you need to add relevant info about your business, media and get great client reviews, also accompanied by pictures. All these prove to your potential clients that you are trustworthy.

2. Get more leads

If you are within the first results on search engines, you are more likely to get more people to know your business at least, thus entering your sales funnel. Geolocation features are becoming very accurate, and now you mostly compete only with those near you. Personalized search both on Google and Facebook's’ nearby feature means that you just need to stand out between your peers and local competitors. Be sure you have a mobile-first website to encourage search engines to recommend your business on the go.

3. Capture specific searches with long-tail keywords

Assume you have a bar in Midtown, Atlanta. A potential client might search for bars in the neighborhood or on a particular street. Try to create your SEO strategy starting from these observations and rank for long-tail keywords like “bar/pub/drinks/coffee/beers in Midtown ATlanta”. If you do that you only compete with about ten other places, instead of hundreds of bars in Atlanta in general.

4. Brand Awareness

As you pop among the first results time after time, people start to know your name, talk about you or ask for recommendations. In the age of declining TV ads, the way to be on top of the consumer’s mind is to have your brand’s name pop repeatedly online. You can also partner with local influencers to get your name in front of your audience.

5. Increase conversions

Since people who search online for services and products are already in buying mood, you have a higher chance of conversion. If they are coming towards you, there is no excuse, but to sell.

When looking for a way to organically grow your business SEO is the best strategy that your business can do. Local SEO trumps all marketing when it comes to acquiring and obtaining new clients local seo provides long term results.  

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The art of female entrepreneurship


The art of female entrepreneurship

Are you a feminist? Most of us associate this word with different things including power, rebellion, fight, equality, or even going without a bra or never learning to cook. However, what does feminism mean nowadays in our country, considering that we can vote, become astronauts and have tattoos without anyone batting an eye? Feminism can be redefined as doing everything a man can do, without becoming one.

The modern feminist – an entrepreneur

On the new feminist agenda, a top spot can be female entrepreneurship. This means building a small business or even an entire empire without giving up on the things which make you happy as a woman. The art of being a boss babe is finding the balance between leading fiercely and enjoying the simple pleasures in life.

An important aspect of this new definition of feminism is saying no to sexual advances to get ahead in your career. If you rely on your charm to get the contracts you are just another version of the 50’s pin-up secretary. Use your brains, not your curves to get ahead.  

The modern feminist is also never afraid to fail. As girls we were thought to be on our best behavior, to stay away from trouble and generally avoid taking chances. This needs to change. Taking chances, making mistakes, going through the impossible are ways to grow and ways to get hands-on experience and develop as entrepreneurs.

Don’t be afraid to be a woman

There was a time in the ’80s when women who dreamed about having their own business used to dress and act like men. It was a necessary step in that context, to be taken seriously, but not anymore. You can be glamorous and run your empire while being a dedicated mother or enjoying your hobbies.

If you love wearing dresses, putting on your delicate make-up and looking like a million dollars, that is another power statement. Also, let go of preconceptions that a powerful woman dismisses activities traditionally associated with the household. You are no less an entrepreneur if you love to bake cookies or clean your home to perfection. Just look at Marie Kondo, who has built her brand around tidying up.  Music, painting, anything can become your business. Don’t be afraid to inspire others and make money by being you and sharing your unique gifts and passions.

The story of the Pirate Queens

To wrap it up, we kindly remind you that the idea of a fierce boss babe is not a millennial invention. In fact, in the 18th century, two outlaws sailed the Caribbean Seas and fought in a pirate ship. The legend says that the two fought harder than men when the ship was captured. Let the spirit of these two powerful women inspire your over the ages. You don’t need a sword and pistols to be feared and in control. Now it’s enough to have a great mission statement, business cards and determination. Are you ready to take over the oceans of opportunities?


Implement Sales Funnel Services for Business Growth


Implement Sales Funnel Services for Business Growth

Just like you wouldn’t marry a random person you just met, most likely you will not buy without knowing, liking and trusting a company. The more expensive the purchase, the more convinced you need to be. This is where sales funnels services come into play.

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is, in fact, a guided journey from meeting and greeting the brand to trusting it so much you would recommend it to your friends. If built in the right way, a sales funnel service answers the prospects’ questions before they ask it and it also includes some “aha” moments. A sales funnel is a converter, it strips away fears, to build relationships.

Why do I need one?

The simple answer is because people are afraid and not ready to leave their comfort zone. Even if you have a great product, you will lose if they trust your competitors more just because they’ve been using those products for years.

How do I build a sales funnel?

A good funnel is like a good romance, takes time to build, but so rewarding. If you don’t know how to do it yourself, here is some advice from the best sales funnel consultant in Atlanta.

Build Awareness

You start by attracting as many people as possible who would have the slightest interest in your business. Because this is a game of numbers, at this stage you need to make an impact on a large crowd without spending too much money. Use SEO, social media, write a blog, pay for general advertising like TV or PPC. Comparing to flirting this is just going to the party, dressed up nicely.


Next, you need to move closer to those who are interested in you and who you might be interested in as well. You need to engage with them, get their contacts for later. Offer a small gift in exchange, give useful information, use calls to action or collect info through forms or even games.

Educate & Communicate

Once you have the personal data, you move into another stage. Be sure to keep in touch and educate the prospect about what you can offer them. This stage can take a while, and you still need to provide much free information to minimize misunderstandings leading to product returns.


Moving into the actual sale can feel extremely slow as the average prospect needs to be offered the deal about seven times before they decide. Here, you have to get some technology on your side. Retargeting them with ads for the products they’ve already visited, reminding them about the sale or simply offering a one-time deal can turn a lead into a paying client.

Advocate & Resell

After they have already bought something from you, it’s not over; you need to move them into the advocacy mode. Ask for general feedback. Filter the positive one and use as testimonials and convert the negative into “to fix” lists.

NEVER start with the sale proposition, it’s like showing up naked to a barbeque.


Are You in the Big Game? Get Your Slice of the Super Bowl LIII


Are You in the Big Game? Get Your Slice of the Super Bowl LIII

Even if you are not a football fan, you know that Super Bowl means BIG MONEY. Not doing your best to get some of those dollars into your account is pure ignorance and bad management. Remember, this is a once in a decade opportunity.

The Super Bowl in numbers

What is your strategy to promote your company to over 120,000 people who will flood the town during the game?

If you think this is business as usual, and not worth the hassle, just take a look at these numbers from the past editions:

  • Last year Americans spent more than $ 15,4 billion in total related to the Super Bowl.

  • The economic impact on the hosting town can range anywhere between $200 million to $800 million. That means a pile of money is just poured into the local economy over the course of a few days.

  • The average visitor books about 4 nights and spends over $600 a day.

Who are these people and why should you care?

Of course, about half of them are football fans, the so-called ticket-holding visitors. They are interested in the game, the teams and anything football-oriented. If you have a sports shop in Atlanta, a souvenir shop or even a sports pub in Atlanta metro, they are your tribe. They are in a good mood; they want to display their team’s colors and have some fun. Just be sure they find your business and not the competition. Step-up your social media game now!

The non-ticket holders, mainly the wives, girlfriends, and kids are about a quarter of the public. These people are a goldmine for all those business owners in the beauty and wellness industry as well as malls. Nothing better than spoiling the ladies while the guys are at the game. Let us show you how to use social media to be fully booked in advance.

Last, we have the team staff, team members and media representatives. For them, Super Bowl is no fun time. Even they are ready to spend some money at least on food and drinks. Why not have a special reward for those unsung heroes making things possible?

Still not convinced? The simple math

Let’s assume you have a coffee shop. If 100,000 come to town and just 3% of those people (3000) get a $5 coffee at your place every day, that is an additional $15,000 a day. Multiply that with 3 days, and you have a small fortune. Now, do you think it is worth the hassle?

What do you have to do?

The answer is: show up and stand out. These people are in a hurry. You need to grab they attention fast. You might have the tastiest burgers around or provide a memorable experience at your salon but they have to know your name and address.

There is so little time until visitors come flooding in that you don’t have to worry about online marketing. Leave that to us, while you work your magic. Book a call now to design the best proposition for you.

This is an investment with a potential of about 1000x ROI, not even Bitcoin in the good days could offer that.


Marketing Your Coaching Business With The Help of a VA


Marketing Your Coaching Business With The Help of a VA

Marketing, nowadays, means finding a niche on a usually already packed market and try to become as relevant as you can in your chosen public’s mind. Because, a faithful, satisfied public equals a successful marketing approach. This leads up to a growing business. However, there is a problem: you only can manage so much in terms of keeping your clients happy, while you battle with huge companies having client service departments, communication departments and the list can go on and on.

The Virtual Assistant

Therefore, an ace up your sleeve can be a Virtual Assistant or, simply put, a VA. What is a VA? A VA is a technical solution meant to represent you and your business in front of the customers, therefore easing up a communicational path.

You are an entrepreneur, always on the run, constantly having to deal with a lot of tasks meant to keep you business up and running. And you cannot afford to lose time. Time is the best exchange card that you have when trying to stay relevant.

How can a VA help in terms of business coaching?

Well, this assistant is like a perfectly tuned tool. A VA is like a reception desk – it takes the tedious task of directing the clients’ needs. A properly tuned VA should speed up any process of welcoming clients, arranging their needs (or issues) while being a backup tool for your online presentation card all wrapped up in a tailored marketing umbrella. A marketing VA ensures that you squeeze the best of all marketing opportunities and channels available.

Of course, you need to work closely with your Virtual Assistant in order to get the best results, tailored on your specific needs. However, your Virtual Assistant will then come up with the best solutions for your online image, will be there when you need it and, furthermore, it can become the best reliable tool when it comes to having an expert perfectly knowing your clients at your disposal. Virtual Assistant services are a great asset to your business

Remote work

And the best part is that everything happens on-line. Therefore, you save a lot of headaches: whether is blogging, e-mail marketing, web design, social media engagement or management, the Virtual Assistant helps you get the coaching business techniques towards the concerned public. Your concerned public. And it helps you saving time, letting you concentrate on what is really important: how to keep your clients happy and your business growing. Because, at the end of the day, a business coach enjoys working with people and helping them reach their goals, therefore repetitive marketing tasks need a proper instrument tailored to your specific vision and values so you can always rely on your online business card while ensuring clients’ happiness, hire a virtual assistant.